March 29, 2011

A thousand words

A picture speaks a thousand words, doesn't it??
They say it is true, and I do believe so; at least in the case of the picture above!

I was taken and mesmerized by the picture of this lady for a reason only I know..
It makes me think of something I no longer understand.

Well, a picture speaks a thousand words people..
I know what I am thinking, but I want your guesses and an active imagination here..

Now tell me,,

What comes to your mind when you see this picture??
What do you feel??
What does it tell you??


White Freedom said...

i feel like the world is going fast and the people still can't find themselves ..

that is what i feel ...

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Salaamz sis lovely post as usual and a powerful image, i have to say, youve been awarded most inspirational blogger award over at my blog feel free to award blogs you find inspirational and link back to your awarder :) congrats

Miss Dreamer said...

White Freedom.

I like the way you thought of the picture. It is interesting how people have a different feeling and view about the exact same thing. I have something in mind, which is why I chose the picture. I intend to publish something about it soon. Wait for it!


I am extremely flattered that you found my blog to be inspirational and awarded me in your blog for that! Thank you dear am inideed so happy and motivated!


Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

hmm... she's doing this to herself! Wanting to be all alone and detached from everything. And despite all that, she still keeps memories that would haunt her!

woah!!! dark?

Leezie said...

Wow I love this picture so much for some reason. What I see is a story... of untold love and abandonment. The blackbird resemble dark words that passed the couple by. The woman was blind, and she let the man leave... without her knowing. She is a blindfolded fool, and the birds tell her, but she does not listen. Her hair is a curtain to hid the words away in when all is lost. The man's shoes are two reasons to stay here where he left her. She clings to them as the man wanders away... lost in the forgotten sea of soft, golden, sweet, but hopeless dreams and wishes. And the heavens above lend her the blindfold, for they dare not to reveal what is here, past the reality. Passed what she thinks is true... what is reality. She lives in this dream, listening to the salty winds on her bare arms. She lives in this dream, feeling the luxury of the silk of her dress. She waits, willingly...but for what to come?

avinash pandey said...

A picture does speak a thousand words. It speaks honesty and shows reality.

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