January 29, 2010

Avatar… more than a movie!


I have finally seen the legendary movie “AVATAR”, the movie I have heard a lot about; from almost everybody,  the movie that has evoked the most stunning reaction worldwide! For me to say that James Cameron is an exceptionally brilliant director and writer will certainly not add to this genius’s history of outstanding creations, for he is indeed a Genius,  without me having to say that about him! And anything I would say here won’t serve this movie; Avatar, justice!

Throughout the 162 minutes movie runtime, I was literally glued to my seat, just like every other person in the cinema, and I truly felt like all of us could not and would not dare blink, for the fear of missing a second of it all! Everything about the movie was extraordinary, outstanding, spellbinding and certainly mind blowing. To feel like you are no longer in the real world, no longer on planet earth, is a feeling you won’t get in any movie other than avatar, believe me!

I was there, in Pandora, and I could feel and touch life, to the last little detail. I could no longer pay attention to the people around me, I could not even open my eyes to the fact that I was watching a movie. The hypnotic and mind blowing effect of it makes you forget where you are; it just takes you beyond time and beyond place, right to the heart of Pandora, right in the middle of the navii.

Usually, I am not short of words or expressions, but right at this moment, I find myself struggling to come up with the right words to describe my experience, watching this visually, emotionally and spiritually mesmerizing movie. I swear I did not want it to end, I just wanted it to last for as long as it could get, for it was one of the best cinematic experiences ever. There is so much about it that one cannot but surrender to its magic; to the spiritual richness it beholds.   

When I left the cinema hall, I felt like I was walking on air, like my mind and heart and soul no longer belonged to me, they were floating in Pandora, relishing a sensation so rarely found! The experience avatar puts one through does not end as the movie comes to an end, it lingers with you for longer than you would expect. The sense of amazement, and that perplexing emotional peace you get out of it seem to stay with you endlessly, forcing you to lose yourself to it completely.

I See You ” is what I can also say to Avatar! To the epic that has touched me so deep that I failed to hold back the tears more than once, throughout all the magic it held for me to capture.

Believe me, you do not want to miss the movie that truly has a soul of its own! The movie that is more than just a movie, and so much more than an epic.

January 25, 2010


It is believed that the easiest way to get your heart broken is to love; to open up to someone, to trust them with your heart, to believe that your soul is safe with them. When you do all that, you are bound to get hurt, and eventually have your heart broken!

When you like someone so immensely that you literally freak out when they are not around, fear of getting hurt or even slightly neglected by those same people becomes your companion. You stop seeing and thinking and believing that your life is beautiful without them being an essential part of it, for you only see the rainbow through their eyes.  When the people you love almost become the centre of your existence, every minute you spend without them becomes meaningless, tasteless and most certainly lifeless. When they smile, your world lights up. When they cry, your whole existence turns into something darker than your worst nightmare!

To love unconditionally, infinitely and wholeheartedly is to be totally exposed before the ones you love. You leave none of your sentiments hidden or unrevealed, because deep down you believe that what you give is always what you get. However, that is not always the case, for you cannot always expect others to be as emotional and loving as you are. If that was the way love worked, everybody would have been spared the heartache and no tears would ever have been shed! Sadly, people are not the same, and they can never be.

To love is to be inexplicably blinded by the sheer intensity of your need to your beloved ones. Yet, and against all odds, you never question your emotional hunger for their presence, their smile, their words, even at the times they drive you nuts!

It is only love that has the power to transform most people into fragile individuals, whose hearts are left unprotected against the hurt that could and would probably go their way; piercing their naked souls, penetrating them to the very core. The pain, once fully acknowledged, is unbearable, unthinkable, and most definitely unimaginable.  

When you love someone, whether a lover, a relative, or a friend, you are never immune to cruelty, injustice or hurt. When you love, you don’t brace yourself for the fall. It is only when you take the full force of the fall that you realize you are seriously wounded, only to discover that the bleeding is in your heart, and that you are heartbroken!!

January 11, 2010

Do nosy people ever stop being nosy?!

Have you ever felt so frustrated and annoyed, because of someone,  that you momentarily lost the ability to appropriately express yourself, or more to the point your anger? Has that someone pushed you to the brink; until you literally felt you could not take it anymore?

Well, it happens all the time!! And it has happened to me so many times recently, to the extent that I have stopped feeling surprised. It is puzzling, really, the way some people are totally ignorant to the word ‘PRIVACY’, and it is definitely annoying how they insist on invading your privacy in every way and on all accounts; always eager to know more, always dying to find out what you are doing, how you are doing it and why you are doing it!

God, isn’t that enough to drive you crazy and wear your patience completely? Frankly, incessant nosiness is unbearable, utterly horrible and most definitely inexcusable! What bothers and angers me even more is the way NOSY people practice their nosiness! Well, for a start they might ask you one innocent little question; pretending to be mildly interested in you, only to gradually shower you with endless, sometimes even weird questions, that eventually succeed in stunning you in a very unsettling way! Yet nothing, even your obvious discomfort at their rudeness and lack of etiquette, serves to deliver the one message to them; that you are truly not willing to let them in on your privacy or your life!

How hard is that to understand? I mean, people in general only speak when they want to speak, when they are willing to share! When I imply a tendency for reticence, then I sure do mean it, and want it. When I choose not to say anything, it is because I don’t have anything to say; particularly to the ones I don’t trust nor feel comfortable talking to! So how come nosy people never get that? And why do they constantly feel the need to know everything about everybody! I swear it is like they are driven by some sort of insatiable thirst to pry into other people’s business, and know things that do not concern them in the least, not out of concern but curiosity; negative curiosity!

Honestly, I don’t think I will ever understand the way nosy people think or act! And though I might not be able to express my annoyance openly, I can still say: Mind your business people!

But really, do nosy people ever stop being nosy?? I cannot help but wonder!