October 29, 2008

No face!!

For a start, what I am going to present to you here might sound strange and even crazy for those who do not know me, and who would probably question my sanity and wonder whether the whole story is what it is and what I say it is or whether it is a totally different issue that I am not willing to share with you and thus have intentionally manipulated either to delude you or stir your interest and imagination all the same!!

Well, rest in peace because I am doing none of that!! But first let me tell you something that will make it a whole lot easier for you to understand my way of thinking and the reason I have written the letters, some of which you’ll read in my next post!

You know that people have their own different ways of expressing themselves, whether mentally or emotionally. Some opt for talking and letting into the open whatever it is they want to express, some choose to remain silent and analyze their thoughts & feelings on their own and others do that in writing! By now I am sure you know that I belong to the last category! When I do that, I do not do it because I lack the ability to verbally express myself, but because writing is a totally different story for me! Every time I choose to do that, I experience a sense of freedom and peace unlike any I have ever felt! By writing, I find myself and I succeed in capturing a whole new victory regardless of what I write; that is whether it be a pleasant or an unhappy experience.

Of course that does not have to be in the form of a personal journal (diaries), it could always be spontaneous heartfelt scraps of writing that are not necessarily done on a daily basis; just whenever there is a special incident or a certain thought that needs to be passed on to paper, as a memento or a means of achieving spiritual release or comfort!

Now back to my point, or fairytale if you wish to call it that, I have found myself a somewhat unusual way to communicate with myself and speak out my mind! You are dying to know how, aren’t you?

Well, I do this by writing letters, every now and then, addressed to a guy who has no name, no form and no identity! In other words, a person who does not exist in the first place, at least not yet! Yeah yeah I know it is strange, but it is funny and at the same time so very relaxing! But do not worry I do not send them to a magical land or something, I just keep them safe amongst my many other treasures!

You know, I have always believed that speaking your heart to the person you love; your soul mate, is different and feels different no doubt! And although I haven’t found that person yet and I do not know what it feels like to be swept off your feet and have your heart beat crazily for the one & only person who is destined to be eternally yours, I still know by instinct that it is a unique and invaluable experience, which nothing can ever compete with. Thus, it is not wrong at all to refer to it as the very essence & meaning of life!

When reading one of these letters, however, you’d feel as though they were written to a real person, a guy who does exist! I do this on purpose and I do want them to sound genuine and true, or else they wouldn’t be as unusual as they are now!

Every single letter of these is addressed to my imaginary knight, whom I have named “No face”. So, our next stop will be with the very first letter I have written to (No face).

Until then, please wait for me and for “Him” with the same anticipation and enthusiasm!!


Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

woohoooo... I'm FIRST!!! I can't wait to read your post... lol

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

"No Face", I love you already :D

OH MY OH MY!!! sweets, this isn't unusual. This is how you let out your feelings and emotions. This is healthy! I Love it :)

Having some kind of a journal (lettlers) addressed to your imaginary knight is an amazing getaway. By saying "Getaway", I don't mean that you are running away, NO! You are actually practising your right to scream yet on paper!

I do that by the way although not to an imaginary person. I write such letters or journal addressing myself which totally helps in getting over things I've suffered from or simply "scream on paper." ;) Happy or Sad screams.

I really can't wait to read the letters. I know that they are stunning and absolutely SUPERB!! And I know that your real knight (insha'Allah) will be jealous of those letters ;)

Splendid piece my dear. As always, I'm speechless. Your words have always captured my heart before my eyes and do believe this: You are a true, natural and genuine writer!


Love you

Solidad said...

My sweet sweet friend Hadeel, you know that you being the first one to read my post and comment on it is an honor to me, this is the truth with no hint of exaggeration!

Well, what can I say after such heart warming and amazing words? You always leave me speechless my dear!

And you are right, it is an excellent form of getaway for me and it leaves me peaceful like a child every time I finish writing one of these letters.

I do love "No face" too, lol;P

Thank you sweetie, for always lifting my spirits and strengthening my belief and my faith in my writing talent; for making me pursue my dream of becoming a writer, and for your constant encouraging and support.

Love you sweetie

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

-bear hug- ;)

You are a great writer masha'Allah. You deserve to be read!

Love you

Lieutenant Columbo said...

I always keep telling her to start writing but she wouldn't :P
I really love to write something but unfortunately I lack her talent that she sadly did not use efficiently yet, so I tell you again, dedicate sometime for writing a story that will sure be read around the world someday ;)

Solidad said...

OMG Columbo!! wallh wallah you always boost my spirit and I would Love to write something very soooon but I don't know why I always stop midway!!

Please kill me soon;P lol

I will I will I will;D

rawan said...

Hi baby,
I can’t believe this. I was soooo happy to read the post, your replies and then got soo thrilled when I read the conversation between you and Colombo.

Apart from my extreme excitement about the awaited letters, I truly and strongly appreciate Colombo’s suggestion.

Come on baby you have to do something sooooon and NO killing you sooon ;)

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

Columbo... kick her a bit!! Or you know what!! Wait for me to kick her instead LOL

ee wallah...

Solidad, sweets... How many times should we talk about this?? Better spend your free time in writing something that the whole world would read and remember. Believe me, after reading your posts and other stuff, I know for sure that your stuff will be carved in heart and mind masha'Allah :D

Go for it girl. GOOO!!!
hey... you are stupposed to be running to your papers and pencils now :P

Solidad said...

Hi Rawani,

Well what do I say more than all the that you, Hadeel and Columbo have said!!

I have the encouragement of all of you and so I HAVE to move ahead, I have to write something and Inshallah I will!!

Thank you baby for this sweet presence and words

Solidad said...

Sweet Hadeel,

I liked that bit about you coming over to kick me;P

You know, this idea of having people all over the world read what I write is so overwhelming it makes me want to break in tears! God it would be soooooo unbelievable to have ti come true!

I will run to my oencil and papaers, I have to! 5alaaaaaaaaaas masakhtha lol;D


Thank u thank u love

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

sweet solidad...

It will come true insha'Allah. I can see it wallah.

And YES!! Move it girl... Let's read your words...

Always remember that you are "The Writing Maestro", eh? :)


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