November 05, 2008

No Face: The first letter..

Remember NO Face?
My imaginary knight on paper?

Today, as promised, you will read my first letter to 'HIM'..
The very first letter..

Which I wrote in April, 1, 2008
Every now and then I will post one of those letters..

With my knight,,

With my love,,

I leave you...

1 April 2008

12:30 am

Dearest No face,

Here I am writing my first letter to you, and it feels damn awkward to do so! I have to admit that I am in a loss for the proper words to use here, but I am not supposed to feel so because our little game here makes it imperatively necessary that you understand me! You are supposed to be ‘THE ONE’, which explains it all! It is true that neither of us knows the other in reality, but let us forget about reality and go for the sweet fantasy. Let’s pretend that we know each other very well; more like soul mates, in which case understanding each
other will be a natural thing for both of us.

I know if you were real, things might turn out differently! But let me ask you this: do not people write diaries as though they were addressing a human, not some inanimate object that cannot do them any good except comfort them of course! Still, this remains a very healthy method of release! Therefore, I thought I would create my own from of diaries, with you as my refuge and my sanctuary!

So, how do we start? I believe people usually start their letters to each other by a greeting! Therefore, here is a big hello to you my sweet; it is great knowing you are here by my side, if only in a sheer fantasy! The funny thing is I feel like I do know you, and by that I mean truly know you! You know, sometimes when I close my eyes at night, I see you in my mind’s eye, and believe me though without a tangible identity do I see you, it gives me pleasure & peace just to live the feeling of having the idea of you in my little world, in my dreams, and my day to day activities!

Sometimes when I sleep, I dream of you! I always see you standing tall, smiling for me and guarding my every step! I know it sounds crazy, but it does happen and I never want to wake up! Now hear this out, never did you have a face in any of those dreams; it is always a bright spot of light covering your facial features making it impossible for me to complete the image I have for you in my mind! Thus, I have named you “No face”! And don’t worry, not knowing how you’d look like won’t stop me from writing to you, because my heart will lead me to the true you one day, that much I know and that much I believe! You should believe in that too my love, in your heart of hearts you just have to know me, you have to find me! And when you do, I would expect you to read this letter to me aloud;)

I am filling you with surprise, aren’t I?! Well don’t be! Even if the whole idea of me writing to you feels incomprehensible to you, just let it be, and let me be.

I guess I am running out of words here, and it is probably too much for you to take in all at once. So, until my next letter, just remember this: 

To the dream I write,
To a heart wide awake,
To a vision that keeps
Haunting me..
To my blindness
When I lose the way!

Love you,


Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

yaaaaaaaaaaayy... I'm first :P lol
I'll read it now but will comment later though ;)

love you

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

OH MY!!!
He IS real.

Your words are amazingly put together declaring a true love.

What I really love about the letter is your deep feelings and emotions that totally guided me throughout. STUNNING masha'Allah :)

" have to find me! And when you do, I would expect you to read this letter to me aloud ;)"<--- Love this part! it's really cute ;)

My sweet Zainab, Don't you just feel him approaching? ahem... I think he is! ;)

May Allah bless you always and shower you with happiness and joy always and forever, my dear dear Zainab -hugsss-

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

ahem... me again... :P

babes, you should WRITE MORE AND MORE!! Did I shout that? LOL


Solidad said...

Sweet sweet sweet Hadeel,

You being always the first to comment actually makes the post the more special! I love it when you do:))))))

And wallah wallah I laughed and smiled throughout reading your comment and the smile remained on my lips for a very long time!

He does feel real, eh? I always get the feeling that I am addressing a real person whenever I write one of these letters, and I feel so happy talking to no face on paper! That is why when I read what I have written after a while I feel surprised that it has come out so vivid!

I am glad you liked it, and by the way I love that part about reading the letter aloud too;P

In answer to your question, sometimes I get the feeling that no face is just around the corner waiting for me to notice him! And other times I just feel that he is so far away! It is puzzling!

Hey good news, there are more and more letter coming, which you'll love even more;D

Thank you sweetheart, for always making me smile,,, and smile:)))) and for being so open about expressing your admiration towards my writings.

Love you
-Big hug

Alzajl said...
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rawan said...

7abeeby Zainaby,
you are amazing sweety, that is the healthiest way of expressing such true feelings.

You already have a fan base, go for it now ;) LoL

baby dont lose a second, keep it up ;O

love you sugerayaa

Solidad said...

Hiiiiiiii my sweetest sweetest cousin Rawani,

I am already blushing because of your beautiful words;))

And to have a fan base, ya ba5ty sara7a!

Wait for the remaining letters, you'll love them:)

Yeah and I loved this sugerayaa naming, lol it is soooo sweet habebi.

I love you fabulous cousin. You are the best.

rawan said...

You should hear me giggle ;)
blushing toooo

Solidad said...

Heheeeeee, then apparently we do share this blushing thingy in the family;)

Nothing like my red red blush though, lol;)

rawan said...

Yalllaa baby laaaa,
I am still waiting for your second letter ;)

بسرعة لاااااااااااا

Solidad said...

Heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rawani,,

I laughed at reading your comment!! Don't worry the letter is on the way:))

Sun said...



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