January 19, 2009

A Fan of Kitchens, Part B: Do Dreams Come True?!!

19 January 2009
6:45 am

Dearest No Face,

Do you remember my letter to you about me being a big fan of kitchens? I know it goes back to March last year, but for the people who have had the pleasure of reading it at the time of its publication in my blog, it goes back to yesterday! So most of them did not know about my emotional attachment to kitchens and my fancy dream kitchen until yesterday.

Anyways, when I did post that letter my eldest brother read it along with everybody else who learned that another letter was out. Guess what, he gave me that nice sympathetic smile and asked me if I was seriously hoping to witness such lovely dream get crushed by the cruel big hands of our painful reality! Of course I asked him why he thought so, and he replied that for one thing a beautiful heavenly scenery did not go well with an environment closer to a desert than an oasis! I then looked at him and said: " Da!! I will create my own heavenly scenery in my own house and make it a hundred times more beautiful than that dry & depressing surrounding!!" Though I secretly wished I could be anywhere but here; in a place where I'd be surrounded by the color green, a view of the lake and snow in winter!!

Never mind that! After a moment of silence he asked me once again if I truly was that much hopeful about my so called 'No face' one day turning out to be the perfect and absolute 'knight in shining armour', who would miraculously happen to be made to my liking and who, again, would happen to fit the image I have about him to the last teeny-weeny detail! And who would of course grant me my every wish, including that fancy kitchen to be!

I guess at that moment my expression said it all without the need to utter it out loud! Well, I with all due respect to realists in this world-including my big brother- do truthfully hope so!

Gosh! What is wrong with dreaming? What's wrong with wanting the best and praying all the while for the fairy tale to become true?! I mean after all it is just a kitchen; in truth a spacious kitchen in a cozy beautiful house with a paradise-like view of a heaven-like garden! It is that simple;)
And yeah one more thing, it should be shared with my no face, who by a twist of luck and a touch of pure magic may- Notice me saying MAY- turn out to be the dream guy with that love story made in heaven! Here goes, I said it all in one long breath!

Well.. Well.. Well! Dreams don't always come true and cows don't fly and it is not raining men; let alone perfect men the 'McDreamy' sort! 'McDreamy'..? Grey's Anatomy? Oh yeah there you go;)) I am a Huge fan by the way!

Okay okay so I dream big!! Let me be!! I might break my heart or my neck or whatever in the course of this dreaming big thing, but that's me; the lady who cannot stop dreaming! The lady who still believes in happy endings, bed time stories, Cinderella and prince charming and I don't know what else that comes in the package!

BUT, it never kills you to dream, it kills you not to!! So, how close to my dream could you be Mr. NO FACE??

Well, regardless of the pessimism surrounding me, threatening to swallow me, I still love you! And I love my big brother; though a complete realist who always reminds me that the stuff of dreams will eventually bring my downfall!



Lieutenant Columbo said...

yeah that is right, I sometimes become too realist to the point of doubting the undoubted, just don't become like me ;)

as for your little dreams, I hope they come true :D

rawan said...

I also hope your kitchen will come to life baby ;)

yes Ali you have to believe in dreams coming true,, as for me I dream of having a veranda of my own warm home.

Keep dreaming honey and I'll dream with you too ;)

Solidad said...

Hi Columbo;)

Yeah yeah exactly!! Well, I hope my dreams come true one day! There is nothing I can do but remain a dreamer;)))

And stop being so realistic, reach for the stars a little brother!

Solidad said...

Hey sweet Rawani,

Well habebi you never know, you might have that dream veranda very soon it could catch you by surprise!

We shall both keep dreaming together sweets:)

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

-clears her throat- ahem ahem...
Columbo, WOAH!! what a realist!! Be a bit dreamy... wallah! it's for your own good :P

Zainab, my lovely lovely Zainab... First of all, don't you think that Mr. No Face will get jealous of McDreamy?? hehe easy on that, eh? ;)

ahem... DREAM my sweet. DREAM! I can tell you this:
Sometimes Dreams come true and when they do, they make you wish that you dreamt bigger and bigger.
Other times, they don't even flicker. But don't get depressed or anything. Go ON! dream more and YOU try to fulfill your dreams by saying this:
"I am healthy. I am happy. I am content. I am and will always be all that with whoever you turn out to be, Mr. No Face."

Columbo, I'll help Zainab in planting her heavenly, astonishing and the most beautiful garden ever ;)

Oh... on more thing Zainab,

Love you :D

Solidad said...

Heeeeeeeey Hadeel my sweet,

Well, why don't we work together on palnting that seed of dreaminess in Columbo, what do you think;))I think this might work lol

I know what you mean about dreams coming truesometimes and sometimes not flickering an inch! That should never stop us from pursuing our dreams till the last breath, does it? :)

Ummmmm, I think no face should be jealous of McDreamy, he is a WOW guy!! A true McDreamy!! One look into his eyes says it all, heheeeee!

Yaaaaaaaaaaay Hadeel will help me plant my garden, yuhoooooooo, cannot wait for that day:)))

And one more thing..

Love you too :D

Stranger said...


i just love it..
sweety.. dreams are'nt so bad you know..

it just kills people to see other people dream.. with all due respect to your brother who i personally don't think he would ever laugh about your dreams..

I just mean other people that cannot understand how essential it is for us girls to dream..
After all, if we can't have prince charming, then dreaming of him is the least we can do ;)


Stranger said...

Ooooh, what am i saying!!!??

I already have my prince charming so dont get me wrong here. hehehe

I'm just saying :)

Solidad said...

Heeeeey sweet sweet stranger,,
Here in my blog you are definitely not a stranger;))

Welcome and I am indeed very happy to see you here sweets, and your blog is very nice by the way!

Well, I agree with you, it is reviving to dream.. To dream is to survive, is to breathe a fresh breeze of air, is to know what a smile means, is to simply live every moment to the utmost!

And yeah yeah you do have your prince charming for sure sweets, and I am happy you do, may you always be together:))

Maram said...

first of all I reallllllly wish you find you dear Mr. no face even If you don't get your fancy kitchen ..

I am A BIG CRAZY DREAMER, I love to live in my small dreamy world where no one keeps telling me to face reality, I even day dream, and talk to myself and keep nurturing my imagination ...

However, lately I started to remind myself of reality, I started to tell myself be careful or you might get hurt, don't get me wrong I am still a big dreamer and by BIG I don't mean crazy dreams that cannot come true , now that I read your sweet letter to your Mr. No face, I feel good that there is someone as crazy as I am, someone who won't give up ...

loved your letter, it literally spoke what I think & feel, the difference is that I don't know how to express those dreams and feeling as you do ...

P.S. McDreamy & Grey's Anatomy, yeah I am a fan too :)

Solidad said...

Hello Maram,

Well, your words have succeeded in leaving me speechless for a while, you know? I was beginning to think that dreaming crazy is a downright insanity that will eventually have me end up in total pain and misery!

It is just that everybody around me keeps warning me of getting carried away with my crazt little dreams as you call them! I admit that in time I have come to accept the fact that reality is way different and that the safest way to spare yourself pain is to think realisticallt and stick to the ground instead of flying high above!

Now that I have found out that you dream just as crazy as I do, I guess I have enough reason to hold on to my crazy fantasy worls and my charming charming Mr. No Face;P

I thought it was crazy to write letters to a delusional persona, but I can assure you it gives me such a relief to actually live even the tiniest deyails of the fairy tale:)

Take it from me, don't give up your dreams no matter how crazy you think and people think they are, it is dreams that keep us sane enough to endure the cruilties of today's world!

And don't worry, you are just as sane as I am in this context, lol:D

Thanks dear.
Enjoy and see you soon.

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