January 18, 2009

A Fan of Kitchens!!

8:00 PM

Dearest No face,

Have I ever told you that I am a big fan of kitchens?! Guess not;P
But now you know..!

Well, I do have a thing for kitchens! I go weak in the knees whenever I come across a picture of a kitchen design in a magazine- I am exaggerating here a little you know-;) It's funny I know, but I cannot help it! Whenever that happens, you'd find me intently staring at the picture and completely lost in thought!

For a start, I'd picture myself the proud owner of that kitchen, or even a better one, and having it all to myself as my special haven, where I'd have the freedom to come up with all kinds of delicious dishes! I'm a good cook by the way, not bragging here;D

My kitchen, the one I dream of having in my future cozy little married nest would be spacious; what happened to the "little cozy nest"! Never mind that, it would be as I said spacious and bright and colorful! I'd love to have it designed very professionally and the most important thing is that it be open on the living room; in a European like style! The other thing is to have it contain elegant low windows overlooking a beautiful garden! The dining table should be placed where that breath-taking view could be completely visible and available for the eyes to enjoy! A dark dreary kitchen is out of the question!!

Here comes the climax of my dream, I'd step into that fancy kitchen of mine, my paradise, and I'd cook.. and cook... and cook! Well, you'd eat it all no doubt! Without me forcing you to do so, though;))

It's good and refreshing to have such a dream; it fills my soul with an intense sense of a joyous anticipation like that of a kid expecting the gift of his dreams on his birthday! It might be silly and insignificant to some, but to me it is a part of a much bigger dream! What I see here is the big picture, and that is enough I guess! Don't they always urge us to aim for the larger picture! This is what I am doing baby!

Now please pleeeeeeeease wherever you are and whoever you turn out to be, grant me this dream kitchen, promise my dear dear no face!

I shall leave you with this splendid image-dream- to entertain you the rest of the day;P

I love you



Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

You have to invite me, eh?? Want to sit at the dining table and indulge myself with your scrumptious dishes!!! OKAY?? :P

Seriously though, you made it totally easy for me to picture the whole thing. This is another thing that we share by the way. I DO LOVE kitchen and love them to be spacious for me to keep cooking ;)

OH UH!! we should cook together. hmmm... "COOKING" party?? or yeah... "TASTY" time? hehe

Your words, description along with your smooth way in connecting your thoughts... ahem... absolutely AMAZING mashallah :)

AND YESS!! you have to dream BIG! Bigger kitchen, bigger DISHES... bigger tummy i guees :P

No Face is so lucky mashallah -hugs-

Love you

Solidad said...

Oooooooooooooh this is so sweet dear Hadeel:)

Now let me respond to each one of these profound points:

First, of course I will invite you, no questioning that! We shall sit at this cute dining table and cover every single dish until we literally explode, lol;P And to be honest I believe that the scrupmtious dishes will be the outcome of your brilliant expertise in cooking!

It is easy to picture my kitchen, isn't it? I am 100% supportive to your suggestion that we cook together, a cooking party yaaaaaaaaay! We will have lots and lots of fun and crazy moments heheee:)

Thank you sweetheart, your comment is fantabulous!

Bigger kitchen, coooool! Bigger dishes, wow! Bigger tummy, ahem ahem;))))))))) We should hit the gym at the time;)

I am lucky as well, for the super lovely comment. Yuhooooooo!

Love U 2

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...


rawan said...

you made me hungry :(
I want to come to your lovely kitchen, I can picture it very modern, shiny and luminous.

Not big tummy Hadeel,,, I alone will eat everything.

You know that is the truest truth about Zainabee ;) she is a wonderful cook.

Solidad said...

Hayati Rawani,,

Thank you my sweetest cousin ever:)
I will cook you whatever you want then my dear.

We will share lovely and warm meals together in that fancy kitchen inshallah.

Apparently we will all have HUGE tummies, heheeee;D

Thanks sweetie for the praise, will cook you something yummy soon;)

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...


Can't wait... Zainab? We have to do it :D

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