June 15, 2009

He likes me,, he likes me not?!

How many of you have picked out a flower once, and decided to test if the person you had a crush on felt the same way about you by taking out the flower's petals; one by one, chanting to yourself all the while: He/She likes me, He/She likes me not?!

Honestly, I did that a long time ago; back when I was a little girl with a ponytail, but it was not for a boy I had a crush on! I mostly did it to figure out whether or not I would score the highest grade at an exam or a quiz or anything of the sort! Funny as it may sound now, I did believe that by doing so I could really know my fate in advance! And of course, the same flower act would, back then, apply to all kinds of uncertainties and stuff I had doubts about! Yet, I don't remember ever doing it for a guy I longed to know if he shared a feeling I had for him!

Well, now that the idea has popped into my mind, taunting me to do it just for the sake of fun, I cannot help but think about what it would feel like for me to do it wholeheartedly and for real; thinking all the while about a face I cannot seem to be able to forget, or close my eyes in a stupid attempt to make it go! I cannot help but imagine how I would feel if I were this girl in the picture; praying for God that the man she likes would feel the same way about her! Does it feel sweet, painful, heaven or hell? I do not know, but I do want to know!

Sitting in the solitude and quiet of my room, tapping on the keyboard writing this, I find myself wondering if that someone would ever read this, and if he does read it, would he close his eyes and try to see my face behind his closed eyelids? Would he think of me throughout his day and before surrendering to sleep at night? Would he go back to the very first line just to read the piece once again; only without knowing why he did it?! Would he have that funny yet beautiful smile of recognition on his face every time he remembers bits and pieces of the things I said??

So many questions here and so many what ifs! Only I do not know the answers to them, and he probably does!


Columbo said...

That post really makes me wonder if you encountered the one :P

Solidad said...

Well brother,that'd be something, wouldn't it? Heheheeeee;P

Stranger said...


i'm here, back to earth :)
i shall come back and read everything i've missed

Solidad said...

Hey sweet stranger,

Welcome back sugar and wish you a pleasant reading:)

Happy to see you here:))

rawan said...

Hi dear & sorry for the belated reply,

I can only salute the many flowers I tortured myself ;)

I did it so many times whenever I thought its love.

There is always a time when a person looks back at a certain memory and laugh at her/him self, laugh at the memory and the feeling it filled her/him with back then.

Flowers' petals picking is one of my earliest childhood memories.

It first started in order for me to find out weather the teacher loved me or not :)

As for your many sweet questions, I think time will carry the answer :)

Solidad said...

Hi Rawani,

I can see that we all did this act back when we were kids! It is funny how such a little laughable act, with all the innocence it connotes, has been and will always be a common behavior amongst us all!

And you are absolutely right; time always brings along certain answers at the right moments!

Maram said...

hmmmm , believe it or not, this post exactly describe me & my situation with the whole flower's petals thing, never done it for the real purpose behind it, and wondering If'll I ever do it for someone ..

Loved this question "Would he have that funny yet beautiful smile of recognition on his face every time he remembers bits and pieces of the things I said??"

Please accept me as a regular reader of your blog simply because your posts are close to what I think & feel ...

Solidad said...

Heeeeey Maram,

Welcome to my blog! I apologize for my somehow very late reply, but it has been a while since I had the chance to shuffle through my posts and even update it to my satisfaction!! I have to get ack on track, though:P

Well, it is truly a pleasure to have you as a regular reader in my blog, that pleases me tremendously dear.

WOW, so someone else besides me is wondering whether this flower petals picking thing will ever come true, eh? You know, it is kinda scary to have such stifling thoughts; they keep you guessing and wondering all the time!

You never know, though, prince charming may come along and make the fantasy come true;D

Welcome again sweetie. And thank you for being a fan:)

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