December 25, 2009


Can once in a lifetime happen twice?

Well, I believe this to be one hell of a thought provoking question, or more to the point a “Hope Provoking” question! It was written on the poster of the movie “Serendipity”, and it is the kind of phrase whose choice of words will undoubtedly have me end up including the movie in question, whether serendipity or any other movie, on my list of movies to watch.

I didn’t see this movie in the cinema; I came across it by sheer coincidence a long time ago and decided to watch it. It did not disappoint me the least. On the contrary, it made my day at the time and caused me to have that little flutter of the heart, which occurs whenever something touches me so deep; to the extent of taking my breath away, making me want to lose myself completely and unconditionally to a world of mesmerizing heart warming little  fantasies that never cease to overwhelm me totally.. completely.. and most definitely mind bogglingly! 

Last night, I was aimlessly going through the sometimes frustratingly boring channels of the Showtime Network, and I accidentally came across ‘Serendipity’, again! About 45 minutes of the movie running time had already passed, but that did not matter to me. A huge smile, one of utter happiness, played over my face at my twist of luck. But of course it was Christmas Eve and Serendipity was the perfect movie to play on such an occasion.

So, I watched the movie with a sense of joy, and my attitude throughout the rest of it was that of someone watching it for the very first time! My heart raced with anticipation and thrill. I found myself smiling stupidly; trying to contain myself from breaking into tears at the extent of romantic love being played before my eyes, only I stopped myself from doing so because my father was watching the movie with me! When the final scene arrived, that of Jonathan and Sarah meeting again at last, I could feel the lump in my throat, and I did surreptitiously dab the tears from the corner of one eye. I am a pure sentimental, that much I admit!

When I later went to bed, I found myself wondering if 'ONCE’ in a lifetime can truly happen ‘TWICE’!! The answer was not there for me though, it never was!


Faith said...

Too bad how much I became bitter and cynical when it comes to romance and love stories. But the idea of “you’re meant to be together no matter what” can defiantly make me cry my eyes out.
BTW I’m glad you’re back to blogging. Hope you make it a habit this time

Maram said...

one of the movies that I have been wanting to watch for loooooong time, but never managed to do that, maybe some day I'll be lucky and I'll come across it on TV. , nice post Zainab, wjo knows maybe Once can happen Twice, this was really refreshing after the time I spent filling in all those long applications :p

Miss Dreamer said...

Hey Faith,

Nice having you around. Well, believe me you are not the only one who has become cynical and bitter when it comes to romance; everybody around me keeps warning me of getting carried away in my way too delusive bubble about love and romance! Cannot do that do, it is the only thing that keeps me going. However, the fact that you still cry your eyes out whenever you come across the idea of 'togetherness and meant to be and forever' means you still have that belief in romance, no matter how tiny that belief is.

Well, I am happy to be back too. Will make sure I don't stop;P


Thank you for being here sweetie. Listen, you have to rent the movie, it is amazing! You'll love it; I know your taste;D

Yeah yeah it sure is refreshing after all those looong forms! You will soon be done with them:)

Have a nice day!

Stranger said...

I agree with you dear..

I t is a question worth asking, though I'm not sure of the answer. you see, we can't sometimes decide whither it is true love to begin with or not. So it's a bit confusing the matter of 'TWICE'.

I've seen the movie, LOVED it. It is worth watching twice or more. Such movies can't actually be old or boring, you just enjoy watching them for ever.

Miss Dreamer said...

Hey Stranger,

God I love this movie!! Makes me feel alive and hopeful in a very strange and refreshing way;P

Rawan said...

Hi Honey,
Welcome back and forgive my absence.
The blog is breathtaking dear.
I really loved it :)
May 2010 bear all the happiness you deserve sweetheart.

Miss Dreamer said...

Thank you my sweet cousin and friend. And sorry for my late reply!

I am glad you liked the new layout:)
May 2010 be a splendid year for you too:))

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