January 11, 2010

Do nosy people ever stop being nosy?!

Have you ever felt so frustrated and annoyed, because of someone,  that you momentarily lost the ability to appropriately express yourself, or more to the point your anger? Has that someone pushed you to the brink; until you literally felt you could not take it anymore?

Well, it happens all the time!! And it has happened to me so many times recently, to the extent that I have stopped feeling surprised. It is puzzling, really, the way some people are totally ignorant to the word ‘PRIVACY’, and it is definitely annoying how they insist on invading your privacy in every way and on all accounts; always eager to know more, always dying to find out what you are doing, how you are doing it and why you are doing it!

God, isn’t that enough to drive you crazy and wear your patience completely? Frankly, incessant nosiness is unbearable, utterly horrible and most definitely inexcusable! What bothers and angers me even more is the way NOSY people practice their nosiness! Well, for a start they might ask you one innocent little question; pretending to be mildly interested in you, only to gradually shower you with endless, sometimes even weird questions, that eventually succeed in stunning you in a very unsettling way! Yet nothing, even your obvious discomfort at their rudeness and lack of etiquette, serves to deliver the one message to them; that you are truly not willing to let them in on your privacy or your life!

How hard is that to understand? I mean, people in general only speak when they want to speak, when they are willing to share! When I imply a tendency for reticence, then I sure do mean it, and want it. When I choose not to say anything, it is because I don’t have anything to say; particularly to the ones I don’t trust nor feel comfortable talking to! So how come nosy people never get that? And why do they constantly feel the need to know everything about everybody! I swear it is like they are driven by some sort of insatiable thirst to pry into other people’s business, and know things that do not concern them in the least, not out of concern but curiosity; negative curiosity!

Honestly, I don’t think I will ever understand the way nosy people think or act! And though I might not be able to express my annoyance openly, I can still say: Mind your business people!

But really, do nosy people ever stop being nosy?? I cannot help but wonder!


Faith said...

I don't think they can stop unless they realize how horrible they are
Oh wait they sometimes KNOW how horrible and still enjoy their noisiness practice

fariha said...

so true :)

Miss Dreamer said...


Cannot agree with you more, it is indeed horrible the fact that they know that about themselves, yet they insist on becoming even nosier!!



Texan in UAE said...

Ya know, I found that happen here in UAE more. It's that one person or even 2 or 3 that is so interested in your life. LOL I learned to wing it. I mean, I must be very special for them to be so interested. LOL nah.. it's because their nosy!!!!!

ITA ... mind y'all own biz wax (<===as said in TEXAS) LOL Just getting to know you better! jumping and reading your blog.. Loving it! masha'a'Allah!

Miss Dreamer said...


Exactly! Sometimes you think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, it is becuz those people are interested in you as a person, but you know deep down that it is their horrendous nosiness driving them to be so annoying you wanna scream out loud and tell them to stop;P

You know, I cannot say how happy I am to learn you love my blog this much:)))

Hugs sweetie.
Always come back:)

Anonymous said...

My brother is the king of the nosies. He tells ME to stop invading his privacy. I try something such like on the computer but he waddles up to me and looks at everything on the screen and judges me on it. A few minutes ago I did the perfect video for facebook and he comes in, looks at the screen and says in a troll voice "stop uploading videos". It drives me MAD. I then locked my door.

Anonymous said...

I typed in to google 'how to stop people from being nosy' and this came up. Thanks for summing up exactly how I feel. It's so true. I finally just make up some extraordinary bs so they get the hint that I am lying my ass off and won't ever tell them everything about my personal and private life. It works like a charm and they just feel awkward for ever having asked. Best thing: make the person who is trying to make you feel awkward.. feel awkward. Never laugh and just sarcastically end it with an even more invasive question to them.

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