January 29, 2010

Avatar… more than a movie!


I have finally seen the legendary movie “AVATAR”, the movie I have heard a lot about; from almost everybody,  the movie that has evoked the most stunning reaction worldwide! For me to say that James Cameron is an exceptionally brilliant director and writer will certainly not add to this genius’s history of outstanding creations, for he is indeed a Genius,  without me having to say that about him! And anything I would say here won’t serve this movie; Avatar, justice!

Throughout the 162 minutes movie runtime, I was literally glued to my seat, just like every other person in the cinema, and I truly felt like all of us could not and would not dare blink, for the fear of missing a second of it all! Everything about the movie was extraordinary, outstanding, spellbinding and certainly mind blowing. To feel like you are no longer in the real world, no longer on planet earth, is a feeling you won’t get in any movie other than avatar, believe me!

I was there, in Pandora, and I could feel and touch life, to the last little detail. I could no longer pay attention to the people around me, I could not even open my eyes to the fact that I was watching a movie. The hypnotic and mind blowing effect of it makes you forget where you are; it just takes you beyond time and beyond place, right to the heart of Pandora, right in the middle of the navii.

Usually, I am not short of words or expressions, but right at this moment, I find myself struggling to come up with the right words to describe my experience, watching this visually, emotionally and spiritually mesmerizing movie. I swear I did not want it to end, I just wanted it to last for as long as it could get, for it was one of the best cinematic experiences ever. There is so much about it that one cannot but surrender to its magic; to the spiritual richness it beholds.   

When I left the cinema hall, I felt like I was walking on air, like my mind and heart and soul no longer belonged to me, they were floating in Pandora, relishing a sensation so rarely found! The experience avatar puts one through does not end as the movie comes to an end, it lingers with you for longer than you would expect. The sense of amazement, and that perplexing emotional peace you get out of it seem to stay with you endlessly, forcing you to lose yourself to it completely.

I See You ” is what I can also say to Avatar! To the epic that has touched me so deep that I failed to hold back the tears more than once, throughout all the magic it held for me to capture.

Believe me, you do not want to miss the movie that truly has a soul of its own! The movie that is more than just a movie, and so much more than an epic.


Ali said...

I couldn't say more :P

Miss Dreamer said...

Hey brother,

I know how speechless one could get trying to talk about how fascinating Avatar is! I am totally into it, still! And I don't seem to be able to shake this feeling of bewilderment off, not yet!

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

Ali... I agree with you 100% :P

It's an amazing movie... leaves you speechless for a while!!
love it and wanna watch it again!!

Texan in UAE said...

New to your blog. ;) I didn't really like this movie so much. *don't attack me*

Miss Dreamer said...

Texan in UAE

Welcome to my blog:) I love having new visitors and you are most welcome here. LOL, of course I won't attack you, we all have different view pints about almost everything in life, so it is very natural that some people don't like Avatar;)

As for me, I just Love it:))

Texan in UAE said...

:) visit my blog sometime sweetie. :) Thanks for the nice welcome. :))))

Miss Dreamer said...

Hey Texan,

Already added your blog to my list of favourite blogs. I love it already, will comment there soon:))

Umm Riyam said...

I saw the movie when we visited Bahrain a few weeks ago. I really liked it, but I was disappointed that they only translated/subtitled the alien language in Arabic, and not in English also. My husband had to tell me what they were saying, lol.

Miss Dreamer said...

Hello Umm Riyam and welcome,

Yeah many people were disappointed because the native language was translated in Arabic only! Glad your husband told you what it was about.

The movie was great and it still sweeps me off my feet when I think of it! Magic.. I was truly frustrated because it was not the one to win all those 9 Oscar Awards! How sad!

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