July 23, 2010

Hawaiian Birthday

Last night I was invited to my cousin’s birthday, whose theme she chose to be Hawaiian! We had to dress in Hawaiian costumes or anything resembling the theme itself, for which reason I wore a colorful gown with quite a nice and unfamiliar style overall. I left my hair falling on my shoulders in a natural and at the same time beautifully chaotic way. It looked as natural and carefree as I wanted it to be! I also wore matching make-up, which I did myself; I love to do my own make up.  Anyways, what really matters here is the decoration for the party! It was amazing and way beyond I expected! I mean, I knew in advance that my artist cousin will definitely make it look as close as possible to a true Hawaiian atmosphere and environment, but never had I expected her to pull it off like she did. For the record, she is studying interior design and is considered to be a true artist by almost everybody; amongst whom are her teachers. She took part in a number of fashion shows, at which she excelled and has proven to be a person with a true talent.

So, here we go…



She had this drawing placed at the top of the stairs, where we stopped before entering the big sitting room at which the party took place. She drew it herself, and I found it amazing! I truly loved it and I spent long moments admiring it! Great work sweet Fatooma.

Then….. We had to take our pick from the finishing Hawaiian accessories for our colorful outfits! She made them herself, again.


You cannot see the necklace I chose because I was wearing it while taking the photo! When we were done sorting our looks and putting the final touches on our dazzling dresses,,

We did this… Below!! 

IMG00143-20100722-1947 IMG00139-20100722-1947

She arranged these beach-like luxuries for her guests! The girls took plenty of photos on that rug, under the shade of that colorful umbrella. I think they did feel as though they were on the beach in Hawaii:P

After having all sorts of fun pretending to savor the Hawaiian paradise….

IMG00144-20100722-1948 IMG00145-20100722-1948

 We had the beverages corner all to ourselves! As you can see, she decorated it in a Hawaiian way, and filled it with the kind of snacks we needed! Fruits… oh,, and Juice of course!



I drank plenty of that fruit juice! Was so refreshing!


That was also yummy.. Ahem!!  

At last, came the yummy food! Oh my, the dishes were mouth watering indeed! All prepared by my beloved aunt! Hugs!!

IMG00154-20100722-2221 IMG00153-20100722-2221
IMG00156-20100722-2221 IMG00155-20100722-2221

There was Spinach & Chicken Béchamel macaroni, noodles, chicken and cheese sandwiches, garlic bread, mashed potatoes with chicken, cream and cheese, stuffed grape leaves, Kushari (Egyptian dish), thyme bread, pastries and other dishes! We had our taste buds treated and pampered to the fullest!!

Last but not least, the cake!!


The cake was unbelievable!! I won’t say a lot, because you have the picture to make you drool!!


I truly commend my cousin for the amazing and crazy and enjoyable party she threw! I had the time of my life, along with everybody else! We sang and laughed like crazy, and danced to the beats of Shakira’s Waka Waka song! I had to be taught the moves though! Crazy I know!!

That was one hell of a wonderful and memorable birthday part, which I will always recall with a smile of enjoyment on my lips!

Thank you Fatooma!!

You are wonderful and you deserve all the best…
You will be Bahrain’s number one artist and interior designer god’s will!


I love you so much:))


Dr. N said...

OMG, I got the beat of that party just by looking at your pictures. Happy b-day for your cousin, and really....I wish I was there :)

Faith said...


Another-Penelope said...

wow that's an awesome part I must say :D happy birthday to her ^_^

Miss Dreamer said...

Dr. N,

Yessssss it was an amazing party! You would have loved it I am sure:)


Yup yup it was!!


Thank you sweets:))
And yeah it was breathtaking!

White Freedom said...

it's look fun fun and more fun :)
happy 20th birthday to her
the party is very unique :)

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

WOW!!! looks amazing mashallah :D

May Allah bless you always with happiness my dear dear friend :*

Miss Dreamer said...

White Freedom,

Thank you sweetie.


Yessss it was an amazing party!
Hugs sweetie.

Love you

¤•˚Zαìήαβ˚•¤ said...

wow that's amazing, and not so easy to prepare for too lol i think

cute bloggie you have here , keep it up!:)
would like you to take a look at mine as well

Ramadan Kareem!:D

Miss Dreamer said...


Thank you dear.
I would surely visit your blog:)

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