October 17, 2010

Her Check list,, and my Check list

Last night I watched the movie titled ‘Beauty & the Briefcase’, which my brother has recently seen and recommended to me. I think he knew in advance that the movie would click with me, and he was right! I strongly related to it.

The film stars Hilary Duff as a fashion journalist who works undercover to write an article on dating businessmen, or more to the point on falling in love in the workplace. She had this check list which contained the 10 qualities she was looking for in the man of her dreams, whom she thought only existed in the world of business; with endless men wearing suits!

The bottom line is, Hilary; ‘Lane’ in the movie, finally came to the conclusion that it was not possible to find everything she was looking for in one man, and that sometimes one could end up falling in love with the one guy who is far from being ‘qualified’ for your so called check list. And that what happened to her, for she realized that all the time she was in love with her boss, who had zero of her check list qualities.

When the movie ended, I found myself traveling down the same path she took, and asking myself whether my fantasies about Mr. Right have inadvertently turned him into a ghost of a man, a ghost I have familiarized myself with and learned to accept in my life; if only by sheer fantasy.  I cannot say that I have a check list for my dream man like Lane, or that I don’t! What I know is that it is only normal to want to find certain things in the man of my dreams, but what matters to me the most is the ‘click’ thing that has been killing me since I cannot remember when!

Well, I felt happy for Lane; for her discovery and self revelation, and at the same time I felt a little sorry for my hazy emotional state of mind. I feel as though I am turning into another ‘Lane’; believing that decent men don’t exist anymore, and that the time of fairytales is really gone, which actually leaves me dreaming and fantasizing more and more, and thinking to myself “How does a real click happen to people?” And “When and how mine will happen?”.

But really, how does one end up believing, or not believing, in such somehow ‘Realistic”  fairytales??


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

funnily enough marriage and love and all that was not on my checklist for my life plans and now I am married , and loving it sometimes what you haven’t planned for is the best thing that happens to you

Dumbakchy said...

Slam Miss Dreamer;

Very good article, I like the way you look to yourself.

May you please tell us your checklist of qualities for your Mr. Right?

I will wait for it.


Texan in UAE said...

i miss you! my bb pin!!! email me. toshmelkris@yahoo.com hurry!

Taxidermy Schools said...

I love your blogs.I try to find Beauty & the Briefcase’ DVD

westside said...

No one is perfect I guess... But Mr. Perfect is just a myth. Compromise is the way to go!

Miss Dreamer said...


Thank you! Well, I guess I should dedicate a whole new article for my checklist. It is not an impossible list though, it is just that I need to elaborate on that so readers could understand me more.

Will be back with new articles soon.


Glad you love my blog. Yeah go for the movie; am sure you will enjoy the watch. Tell me what you think when you do.


I know no one is perfect, but we always hope you know. It is the only way to keeo going.

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