February 09, 2011

Where do we go from there??


Sometimes, unexpected things happen to us; events we haven’t planned or even thought could occur to us at a certain point in time. Yet, they do happen, and when they do, they often take us by surprise. 

At first, we question whether or not we should allow ourselves to be whisked away by the suddenness and beauty of that ‘event’, whether we should begin to hope and see beyond what the eyes could see! We start to make plans, we start to hope, and dream!

Usually,  we take it all for granted and assume everything could, or would, happen according to how we have always seen it once upon a dream, only because we had an initial hunch about it; a so-called ‘CLICK’! We don’t think that maybe, just maybe, we are being delusional and over optimistic; in which case we don’t brace ourselves for the painful disappointment that follows the ‘Oh so sweet a feeling’!

Sometimes we put too much hope in a dream, an idea, a fantasy we have long waited for to come true, and people we find likable enough to believe they fit into that big picture of ours! Ironically, it all goes wrong; leaving behind a mental and emotional mess; a broken heart and a wounded ego! Only when the storm passes and we are once again able to see clearly, we realize that not all dreams come true, and what the eye sees is not necessarily the ultimate truth. Apparently, we only see what we want to see, and believe what we want to believe.

Standing at a crossroads today, I wonder why when we start to hope only a little, all hope is crushed mercilessly! Why do we have to cry when what we really crave is a heartfelt laughter, a hand to hold, and a heart to embrace for eternity? Why are we often in for disappointment and heartache when we least expect it?

When we stumble and fall,,

When we cannot hold back the tears,,

When we hurt a lot we cannot find the right words to say,,

Where do we go from there??


Texan in UAE said...

Salam Alykom hallllla hallla wallah! Ya, I miss the hell outta you.. I really do. toshmelkris@yahoo.com <<< add me, please.. Do you have yahoo messenger? If so, add me. This entry brought tears to my eyes. It's right on target in what I'm going through now. Subhana'Allah! at the end of the day, it's all with Allah. That's it. I love you sis. and I surely miss you. I often think about you and wonder how your life is going. email me and add me to your messenger.. Inshallah.

Miss Dreamer said...

Hey hey hey there!
I cannot believe I am replying to your comment! It has been a lifetime indeed. I will write to you sweetie.. wait for a long email from me soon, and yes I will add you to my yahoo messenger. Great that way we can chat;P

Yes sweetie I understand what you are going through! Hope you are feeling better now though? Life is tough! I know that, and I feel it..

I miss you so much..
Will talk to you soon. So glad you are here!!

Texan in UAE said...

Waiting for ur add, honry. Love to u!!!!xoxoxo's

Miss Dreamer said...

Heeeeey babes! Yes sooooooooon.
Love you too OXOXOX

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