March 24, 2011

A friend, or an enemy??

Long before I decided to write this, I thought I’d lost it; the will to defy weakness and despair and stand up on my feet again. For days that seemed to have no end, I thought it’d take me forever to gather enough strength to say it all, to talk about my pain, and be as strong as I have always been, once again. I was wrong though, for I can always use my mind and my words and my faith to prove to myself that nothing could ever break me to the point of no recovery. At the end of every dark tunnel, there’s always a ray of light, waiting to be seen, seeking the eyes of those who have the willingness and the determination to break free from the grip of darkness. The truth is always there, hidden sometimes, alas always there for those who seek it and crave revealing it.

The reason I am saying this is the tragedy that has befallen on Bahrain recently. I am a Bahraini citizen who knows it all; everything that had happened starting from February the 14th , until this very moment. I am not  planning to go into details or narrate the painful story that I am sure has already gone international, for doing so would only add to my pain and suffering. As I said at the beginning of this post, those who seek to know the truth will no doubt succeed in their quest, if they have the capacity to think straight and analyze what they see and what they read without prejudice. Believe me, only if you open your heart and rid yourself of lies will you be able to truly see the full picture, devoid of distorted details that would do nothing but vilify it. Lies are everywhere, but smart and wise people don’t fall for them. It is one’s moral responsibility to have a conscious and distinguish between a lie and the truth. I won’t tell you what is right or wrong, or make you see what picture is white and which is black. You have a mind of your own, and a sight of your own; all you have to do is open your eyes wide and see for yourself where truth lies.

During the crisis, so many masks have fallen, and the true faces of so-called friends have come to the light, only so I’d see they have never really been friends! It hurt like hell, but I am glad the big picture is now complete, and is left out there in the open for me to contemplate; thankful that God has  enlightened me with the truth. I don’t regret that I have been good and truthful to people who did not not deserve it, because that is how I have been raised; to be good and treat people with kindness and always have good intentions, until proven wrong. 

Yes, I do feel wounded, and it still hurts me to think how cruel and evil and prejudiced some people can be, but I don’t feel sorry for being me. I don’t judge people based on their beliefs or religious approaches. I don’t think or act sectarian, and I am proud of that. To those who have antagonized me for no reason, and misjudged me based on their own beliefs and views and lies that know no limits, I don’t think like you do, and don’t act like you do.

A final word to all the fake friends, thank you for making me see your true faces. Thank you for making me stronger, and driving me to stand taller. I do stand out by the way, you know why? Because I believe love conquers hate and antagonism. Flowers bloom at the end of every storm, no matter how long it takes them to gather strength and regain their beauty. Likewise, pure hearts and peaceful souls are what prevail in the end. They are what people remember and crave to be close to.

My story here today, is certainly one of love. It is love that I speak of, never hate, never antagonism. Remember, it is always easy to break trust, and a hundred times harder to regain it!!

An enemy, or a friend?? 
I guess it is hard to know who is who these days!!   


Umm Riyam said...

:( I don't know what to say. I only know some of what's been going on in Bahrain, and I can't imagine how hard it's been on everyone, and I'm sorry that so many people's relationships are changing and ending due to all of this. Like you said though, at least now you know who your true friends are, but it's a sad way to find out. :(

Standy said...

its alwasy sad to discover who is not really your frined but in the same time its a good thing that you get to know..

I am so sorry about what is happening in Bahrian.. with all the things ppl are saying i dont know what to believe anymore but i do know for sure whatever is hapening its not right!!

Allah ye7fathkum

Miss Dreamer said...

Umm Riyam,

Yes dear, it is indeed a very sad way to know! But I guess I am better off without all the people who turned out to be falsy friends! It hurtsm I know, but life has to be tough every now and again so we'd learn new and valuable lessons.


I agree with you dear. And as I said, it is sad yet good to know. Thank you for being here at this time. It is always good to have you.

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