August 06, 2008


One summer night,
I stood on the shoreline in awe..
Staring at the stars above,,
Breathing in that saltish breeze I know!!

A thought, maybe two, crossed my mind..
Tantalizing my soul,,
Forcing me to open my eyes wide!!

Was it "Utopia" coming to life
before my eyes??
Or the one dream my heart craves to find?!

So surreal it had looked..
So celestial..
So full of grandeur!!

There it emerged..
A Utopian vision..
A sweet temptaion,,
To whom only (I) belonged!!

A bliss it would have been
to embrace the reverie..
Drift afar..
Even melt away..
 That very night!! 

5th August 2008


Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

Sense of beauty, melancholy, bliss and confusion is swept all the way through. I love it! I feel like I have been in such state before. WOW!! Keep your beautiful poems coming. You have it in you.

Thank you for sharing such beauty with us :)

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

Oh by the way, the title reminds me of one of the first classics I have ever read; Utopia by Sir Thomas More.
I liked the book.
Don't know if it's your cup of tea ;)
Check it out though :D

Solidad said...

Hello sweetie,

Thank you love, glad it had this effect on you;)
And as long as you are all here by my side, the poems will keep coming- that is for sure:))))

Umm as for 'Utopia' for Thomas More, it might be my cup of tea, heheeee. Will have a look at it. Thanks dear.

Sruthisagar said...

There is nothing more pleasant in this world than reading a poem that gives you peace. Your poem gave me that peace....keep writing!!

God Bless you!

Solidad said...

Thank you Sagar- it is good to know that my poem had that peaceful effect on you.

rawan said...

beautiful Zainaby,
Feelings were wonderfully illisturated. I could sence alot of peace in it.

Bless you baby :)

Solidad said...

Thank you Rawany..
I always smile at seeing your comment here, and yeah you are right I was at peace with myself when I wrote it!!

Love U

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