July 29, 2008

Laws of attraction!!

How many times have you looked at a face you happened to come across-by sheer coincidence- and knew at that exact moment that it would somehow make a difference and possibly change the course of your life forever?

How many times have you passed by someone, not knowing who it is and not stopping to look at their face, yet a gut feeling appears out of the blue, persistently telling you to slow down and sneak if only a quick glance at that face! And to your utmost surprise, you do just that without knowing why you did it in the first place!!

Is it chemistry?
Is it magic?
Or is it just another inexplicable phenomenon, which we have long stopped looking for a rational explanation for!?

Well, I guess it is the outcome of having all those possibilities blended together! Which makes it the more puzzling!

Honestly, I do find it extremely strange the way we are attracted to certain people in life, as though an invisible power draws us to them, making us want to be close to them, if only to sense their existence and bask in the feeling of content we get out of that closeness!

Sometimes we do not stop to ask ourselves why, or analyze that turmoil of crazy feelings battling inside of us, causing us to act funny sometimes! All we know is that an unseen chord is linking us to a particular soul, bringing us a step closer to that irresistible aura its beholder seems to possess!

Is that how people develop an affection toward each other? Is that how they fall in love? I really cannot say, for I have always wondered how it'd feel like to have your heart pound in a chaotic rhythm just thinking of its true desire, conjuring their face or even uttering their name!

It is true that every single person has an aura of his own, different from anybody else's! Amazingly, it can either attract you to it the way a butterfly is attracted to light, or drive you miles away; filling you with an eerie sense of disaffection, which you repeatedly fail to analyze or understand!

Yet again, there are those few personalities who fill you with pure wonder, to the extent that you feel undecided whether it is liking or dislike you feel for them! strangely though, you begin to ask yourself endless questions about their true nature and that clear inner reflection of their soul, once they drop their mask of aloofness and indifference. Deep down, you know their is a depth to them they choose not to show, which they expertly disguise, making it even more frustrating for you to understand the identity of what really lies behind that unfathomable appearance!!

And so you remain in a state of puzzlement, not knowing why you are so curious to unveil the truth about who those people truly are!! And no matter how much of an expert you are at reading people's minds by looking into their eyes, some remain immune to your expertise!!

Thus, you just feel as though you were going against a brick wall over and over again! Eventually, you shun away, opting to let time reveal the mystery for you!

Sometimes it does happen, and sometimes not! I guess it is just laws of attraction, as some may put it!!


Lieutenant Columbo said...
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Lieutenant Columbo said...

nice post
what inspired you to write it?

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

hey babe :)

I hear you sweets. SOmething amazing crawls upon you once a face amongst a crowd mirrors yours and a shiver signals comfort and excitement.

You know, sometimes you want to unveil maksed faces and other times you totally don't and feel happy either way, eh? :)

Love you

Hey there columbo :D

Sruthisagar said...

Wonderful post again.....but I just don't have answers to your questions...this much I know...age plays an important role in love and attraction

keep writing friend...

Solidad said...

Dear Hadeel,

Thank you darling for your sweet presence, I love seeing here:)))

Well, you are totally right, sometimes unveiling some faces fills your with a strange sense of trepidation!! And sometimes it is better if we don't unmask those!

Love you dear

Solidad said...

Hello Sagar,

Thank you thank you, again having you here is a pleasure:)

And yeah age definitely plays a great role in love & attraction as you said!!

Thank you:))

rawan said...

I am an admirer sweety,
You have the most profound concepts. I love the way you use words to express your feelings :)

teach meeeee pleeeeease :(
I feel like writing something but I just don't know how !!

Solidad said...

Hey there Columbo

Well big brother, you know your sister's inspiration! It comes unexpected always;))))

Solidad said...

Hello my sweetest sweetest cousin,

Well, I am truly flattered:))
And I am happy that my words have managed to reach you and seep straight into your heart;D

And believe me sweetie, it will come to you; it comes naturally and I am sure you have what it takes to initiate a thought, you just give it time to come without you forcing it to come out:))

And one more thing, just believe in yourself love:))

Love u

Khulood said...

Beautiful post. The words flow seamlessly in describing the mystery of first perceptions. I believe that people are natural storytellers. They strive to fill in the gaps to compose a more comprehensive image of those around them.

I seem to remember myself doing just that every time I'm in the presence of many unfamiliar faces - weaving their life stories in my head while I might not even know their name!

Keep it up dear, for you are a storyteller that have always kept me on my toes, waiting for more :)

Solidad said...

Dearest Khulood,

Well, after such a profound comment, I find myslef speechless and unable to come up with any reply to match your beautiful words! Thank you sweetie, and in fact your words always keep me on my toes;))

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