June 25, 2008

To love... To live

A sigh, a tear and a tentative whimper!
We cry, we fear, we long for a forgotten laughter!

Why grieve?
Why leave?
When there is a beloved face to remember?

Why sulk?
Or lurk behind closed doors?
When that "special" someone is craving to lock his hand with yours?!



Lieutenant Columbo said...

Really beautiful, looking forward for your next post.

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

wow!! Love it dear.
It's so true but do we get it? hehe

love ya

rawan said...

Hi sweety,
you exceeded my expectations, you were supposed to develope a blog ages ago ;)

Keep it up honey :D

Solidad said...

Thank you baby, am pleased you liked the poem:))

Such sweet comments will definitely keep me going;)

Thanks love

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