June 26, 2008

A place like no other!

Have you ever developed an intense fondness of a particular place to the extent that any and every detail about that place appeals to you?

Well, from a quick look at the map here I bet you'd know which place I am referring to! Of course it is Italy, the country I have fallen in love with head over heels without setting foot there!

I cannot explain why it means this much to me or why I am interested in it as much! I guess I have developed this crush on this country, out of all other countries, from the books and novels that have referred to it in such a dreamy and fairytale like way that I couldn't help but fall under its spell!

I believe that warming up to certain places and even people is a streak in our nature, and it is quite inexplicable! Thus, I won't search for further explanations as to why I am madly and deeply in love with "Italy"! With its people, places, food, music, culture, language and whatever else that comes to mind and points to it!

Whenever anyone utters the word "Italy", my eyes get that dreamy & stance like look of someone who has bodily and mentally drifted somewhere else and I almost see myself sitting on a terrace overlooking the sea -with the cool breeze caressing my face-or wandering through the cozy streets of Venice at night dreaming of yet another happy day spent in the embrace of a country that I cannot but link with love! And when I conjure such images, I instantly brighten up and a silly smile forces itself upon my lips, coloring my face with that aura of happiness and content which I cannot wipe off for some time!

What is the secret behind this affection, and why Italy, I honestly do not know! What I do know is that I have been dreaming of going there since forever, but the time for this wish to become a reality hasn't arrived yet! Nevertheless, not having it fulfilled, at least in the present time, does not mean I cannot appease my hunger to inhale its fresh and magical air by enjoying whatever Italian we can get hold of here, though unlike the real thing! By that I certainly mean Italian food, heheeee. Whenever they open any Italian restaurant here, I make sure I am the first one to try it!

Tuscan, Florence, Rome, Sicily and amongst all Venice, are the places I would definitely visit once I am there, no doubt!! And let me tell you a funny thing, if you haven't yet seen the movie "Only You", rent it, make yourself a large bowl of popcorn, switch off all the lights, lie down on the most comfortable sofa you have and indulge in the most romantic and heart-stopping journey to the very core of Italy, where dreams have a totally different flavour!

And just to give you a glimpse of that romantic and fantasy- like atmosphere that the movie takes me to every time I watch it, here is the lyrics of one of the best soundtracks in the movie.

Once in a life time
Michael Bolton

Some People fill their lives,
with empty nights,
And days that slip away

Some search till the end of time,
but never find the open arms of fate
One moment comes along,
someone who's a dream to you,
All at once your dreams come true


Once in a lifetime,
you find the one you really love
For now and forever,
one love that never ends,

Once in a lifetime,
when every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason,
leadng your heart to the one love you find,
Just once in a lifetime
Some people live their lives in compromise,
And hide their dreams away
Some never take the chance within their hands,
To claim the prize they make,

When faith is all you need,
to hold the hand of destiny,
Find the love that's meant to be


If you believe in the power of love
And you believe that dreams come true
Magic will fill your heart,
when that moment comes along
Just once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime,
when every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason,
leading you home to the one love you find.
Just once in a lifetime,
Just once in a lifetime

Well, I do not know whether this fantasy I have in mind about Italy is true or not! And I cannot tell whether it is just the expected outcome of the stories we come across in novels, books and movies! All I do know is that it is a dream amongst many many other dreams I have- whether they be here on the ground or written up in the stars!

Unrealistic this might be, and even child-like! But one thing I know for sure, dreams are what keep us sane, breathing, and willing to continue the journey towards the unknown! So do not ever give up a dream, no matter how stupid others think it is! Go for it and believe in it, for dreams can certainly be realized, regardless of how much time they take to be fulfilled!

So, just play "Once in a life time", remember my words and delve into one of my dreams, one of my never ending passions in life! There, you will see Italy-my dream country- from an angle you have never tried before.

Have a pleasant tour:)


Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

well said dear regarding the dreams.
AND OH MY GOD!! YES! Italy is amazing and worth dreaming of. Although I have been there couple of times, your post is making me wish to go there more! You have this dew-effect words where they totally linger in my head.

Beautiful post dear from a beautiful "Solidad" :D

Me :)

Solidad said...

Dearest Hadeel,

Thank you thank u sweetie for your lovely comment, and I am really happy you liked it. It means a looot to me, and I am honoured to know that my words have such an effect on you, though they are surely seen as humble compared to your wonderful writing style;)

Well, if they day comes for me to go to Italym be ready to be my guide;D

Thank you sweetest Hadeel


Bluetiful Nostalgia said...


So, I'm your guide for both Kuwait and Italy ;) good for me... lol and for you hehe

rawan said...

I know why "ITALY", you are as dreamy and sweet as Italy :D


Solidad said...

Hello sweet Rawani,

I am happy to see your comment here;))
And thank you for your sweet and encouraging words.
But I bet Italy is sweeter than me, heheheee;D
Or you knwo what? We are even in sweetness!;)

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