July 16, 2008

A Love Letter!!!

I know how hard writing tends to be sometimes! I know it can break you to know that you have what it takes to become a good writer, yet you find yourself unable to present a coherent and graspable thought to whoever is interested in reading your words!

This has been happening to me for sometime now, and all I can say here is that this is driving me to destruction! Truth is, I have been trying to post something on my blog for days but to no avail! My mind is crowded with a hundred thoughts that long to be set free and are screaming for release, BUT nothing comes out on paper!!

However, luck has knocked on my door unexpectedly today, and for that I am truly grateful! Here is what happened:

As I sat at my desk at work early in the morning, a cup of steaming delicious tea in my hand and a number of newspapers in front of me, waiting to be read, a title grabbed my attention in the Bahrain Tribune, it said: "Love letter jigsaw takes 15 years"!!

Honestly, I do not know what it was that halted my quick monitoring of that specific page, I just felt that slight twinge of interest and curiosity in my heart, telling me stop right there, read this!! Strange how the mind reacts to certain things and therein arouses a particular reaction towards them, isn't it?! Anyways, I cast my cup aside, though normally nothing will make me do this, roused from my morning sleeplessness and dedicated all my senses to reading this piece of news! Guess what, it was about a man who spent 15 years piecing together 2,000 fragments of love letters to his late wife which she tore up when she caught someone reading them!! Can you believe this?? The guy is now 82, and he wrote 98 letters to his wife during the 7 years he spent traveling Europe as a farm worker!

That is not the end of the story though, hear this out: he began putting the pieces back together in 1993 and has just completed the laborious task, 3 years after his wife died! Not only that, he started by separating the corners and center pieces, which were more than 20 and made up more than 2,000 fragments (some smaller than a thumbnail), then progressed putting them all together by spending an hour everyday for 15 years!! Now he is finally done, and guess what? He is planning to write a book based on his letters to his late wife, Molly.

Honestly, what do you make out of that? For me, this is almost a fairy tale that rarely happens in real life! I mean, people tend to become more and more materialistic as days pass, which has left no time for emotions for some! Of course I am not generalizing here, for I still think there are men out there who would stop at nothing to make their beloved ones truly happy! But this much romance? Lucky her!

I am not a pessimist when it comes to love, not at all! Nevertheless, I find it quite hard to believe that a man like Ted Howard, our protagonist here, exists in multitude! However, I cannot be a hundred percent sure, for to me "Love" remains a dream to be realized one day; my knight in shining armor has not yet arrived! So the judgment remains to you dear reader, and I genuinely hope you have found that kind of love!

Just to make your heart thump the way mine did when I read this letter, here is part of one of Ted's letters to his Molly:

"Well, my dear, I am looking forward to seeing you again. It seems months since Sunday when I last saw you. There does not seem to be a lot more to write about, my love, so until we meet again, I send you all my love, from your ever loving sweetheart, Ted"!

So, with this glimpse of that Romeo-like love, I leave you. And believe me, if it doesn't pleasure you as much as it did me, it would at least draw a smile of wonder on your lips.

And yeah, all that morning drowsiness I suffered from just minutes ago, has seeped out of my door, leaving my heart light like a feather!


Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

-dazed look-
Shall i say more?
OH MY GOD! Such love is a celestial dream.
Beautiful how Ted maintained his love for his Molly all these years even after her death. Amazingly beautiful.
We can surely find such a soul in this world but it would be so blurry that you can't even notice.

WOW Zainab. What a wonderful morning, eh? :)

Keep it up sweetie... You are a natural :D


rawan said...

Hi baby,
I cant agree more with Hadeel in two parts.
When she said "We can surely find such a soul in this world but it would be so blurry that you can't even notice". And when she said you are natural :D

Keep it up.. god bless you love :)

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

Rawan thanks ;)
and yeah, she is a natural, eh? Masha'Allah :D

Solidad said...

Well sweet Hadeel, such sweet compliments are bound to spoil me a bit;))

I do hope I find a similar soul amongst the crowd, though you are right, it'd probably be to blurry to be noticed!!

Happy for your lovely presence sweetest Hadeel:)

Solidad said...

Thank you sweet cousin, again am vey happy for your constant visits to my blog:))

Am glad Hadeel and you see me a natural;)

Keep encouraging me, heheheee

sara said...

Hello Zainab!
It's your cousin Sara here - my mom told me about your blog. You are quite a good writer - and in english even! :) I enjoyed the story about the love letters. I suppose I should save the few love letters I have in case my children want to read them when I am old. Hope you are doing well, and I am glad to read your blog.

Solidad said...

Dear Sarah,

You cannot imagine how pleased I am to see your comment on my blog, truly happy that you find the content rich and interesting.

And glad that this article made you think of keeping the love letters from your husband to you for your children to read in the future! I am sure they would mean a lot to them:)

Thank you Sara for passing by, you are always welcome here.

Have a great day


Sruthisagar said...

It is surprising how Love inspires different people in different ways...Love never claims, it ever gives. Love ever suffers, never resents never revenges itself

You have your own way with words....keep writing

Solidad said...

Hello Sagar,

Glad for your presence:)
Well, cannot agree more on what you said about love! It surely is the most unfathomable emotion one could ever experience!

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