July 27, 2008

A time to say goodbye!

It is never easy to say goodbye, to part with people who have lingered in your life long enough for you to get used to their presence and cherish the times you spend with them! And it is even harder to have someone sneak out of your life smoothly and guilt-free without even waving a hand of goodbye to you!

One minute they are there at your side, smiling at you, promising you sunny days and reassuring you of always being there for you, the next minute they are gone; just as simple as that!

Genuinely, it has always striked me as baffling the way people keep hurting each other, not stopping for a second to question what they have done or weigh the amount of pain and heartache their ruthless acts must have brought upon people who have trusted them, supported them, stretched a helping hand to them at their times of need, and foremost loved them-unconditionally- without waiting for any favor in return!! But as the saying goes: (What is done cannot be undone)!

Yeah I do agree that at times it is easy to take a hurtful word back or right a minor wrong and even make it up to those you have hurt! But what about the emotional mess you have left behind? What about those loads of deep and incurable wounds you have inflicted on people whose one and only mistake was to let you into their circle of beloved ones! Unthinkable, isn't it?!!

I used to think, or even believe, that people's capacity to love and readiness to cure others by far exceeds that inclination to hurt! How nice and comfortable it is to see the outside world, with all its occupants, through the goodness that lies inside of you! I know!! Yet, sometimes it is better to break free from that dreamy and rainbow-like bubble and wake up to reality, and what a dreadful reality it could be at times! That I have certainly learned!

Now, I know that in life we are bound to come across all sorts of people, some of whom bring sunlight into our days and others excel in turning the light into utmost darkness! Though heartbreaking and devastating this could be, we can always look at the bright side of it, even though I agree that at first glance it would appear as though there is nothing but trauma and grief awaiting to engulf us and shut all hope out! But that is the way of things in real life, we learn to do some things right by making a few mistakes, and we definitely learn to appreciate the smile after shedding tears of pain!

Yes I have been hurt a thousand times, but the consolation I find in that is the fact that this is actually what has made me who I am at the present time, a strong soul willing to conquer the unconquerable!! And believe me, whenever despair threatens to break me, I remember that what does not kill me, no doubt makes me stronger!!

So, here I am today: standing tall and smilingly waving a hand of goodbye to every tear, every wound and every painful memory lurking in the recess of my mind! For now is truly the time to say goodbye to all.


Lieutenant Columbo said...

Very nice, I almost cried :P

rawan said...

I am glad that it is time now to stand tall and strong,, but dont forget to add happy :)

Happiness suger,, happiness
May god shower you with happiness :)

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

YOu have totally struck a chord sweetie!
YES! Reality bites and we are part of it, thus, either accept it or try to change it with smiles, happiness, joy and tears as well.

Hurt is part of us! It makes us who we are right this minute!

Repeat after me:
I'm Alive! I'm BLESSED! :D

YES! I am blessed to have such a pretty friend ;)

"May the best you have even seen, be the worst you will ever see." Insha'Allah :)

Solidad said...

Thank you Columbo for your constant support, big brother:))

Dear Rawan,

I will have to remember the word happiness and remember you always my dear:)) And may God fill your days with nevee ending happiness my lovliest cousin.


Dear Hadeel,

I totally agree with you, and truth is am blessed to have you by my side- to have a beautiful lady such as yourself paint my day and my blog with a beautiful shade of blue like no other.

Love U all- you make my days happier and brighter always:))


Sruthisagar said...


Solidad said...

Dear Sruthisagar,

Thank you for visiting my blog, it makes me happy to see new people getting interested in reading my writings!

Thanks a lot:)

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