July 14, 2008


A muffled moan of pain,
a sound I remember

That face in anguish,
that look of innocent wonder!

So close to the truth we came,
so close to surrender!

Yet he withdrew.. Simply ran!
leaving my wound exposed and tender!

Am I to question love?
Am I to leave?
Or am I to linger?!

14 July 2008


Lieutenant Columbo said...

shabsh :D

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

awwwwwwwwwwww... NO!! Don't question Love! Love is what gives our lives meaning.
hehe... sorry, got carried away.

Love the poem and the way you picture the story. Short and to the point. AMAZING.

Way to go Zainab as usual :)

Solidad said...

Thank you sweetie for this encouraging comments. Your passing by my blog always makes me happy;)

And it is good that you got carried away, it means my words did get to you, hehhee.

Thank you love for your lovely presence and your nice words.

Have a day as sweet as you:)

rawan said...

Ooooooooh my god, Zainab this is unbelievably awesome.

It nocked me down ..... wooow

Solidad said...

Thank you Rawani love, am flattered really:)
And thank you for being here and for always encouraging me to give even more.

Love you

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