November 18, 2008


I close a door,,

driving away a tentative stray of light!

I ponder a thought,,

or two..

A tear falls down my cheek,,

ever so slow!!

The night is long,,

the room is cold!!

"He" is dead,,

you know..

Or so I've been told!!

I close "The door",,

a shiver comes by!!

In awe I wait..

For a breath,,

a smile,,

or a sigh of pure delight!!

No one comes..

No one hears..

Only I remain,,

Only I,,

and some thick white frost!!

It is the fog!!

It is my face,,

And all is lost!!


rawan said...

Oooh baby,
thats very saaaad :(
but I liked it, I hope you are not sad though :)

I understood every word :)

Solidad said...

Well sweets, cannot say I am not a little bit not into the "Happy" mood these days, but at least I am not as much sad as the poem!! Close though;)

I am glad you liked it, it is great to understand every word yeah:)))

Love u

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

OH MY GOD!! I second Rawan's comment. Yup! it's very sad :o/

Despite that, it's very soft, tender and dreamy... Feels like a dream...

I love this part:
"I close "The door",,

a shiver comes by!!

In awe I wait..

For a breath,,

a smile,,

or a sigh of pure delight!!"

Your words always hit bullsEYE!! I swear.. Masha'Allah. I can feel the words, sense them... I can even smell the surrounding of your poem! ahem... Am I making sense?

Bravo sweets!! -hugs-

Solidad said...

OMG!! Hayati Hadeel now what do I get to say after this overwhelming reaction from you??

-Your words always hit bullsEYE-
ahem ahem this is flattering habebti, thank you thank you thank you:))

And yeah of course you are making sense, 3ad enty akeed you always make sense and you have made me truly happy sweetie, I strongly felt your response to my poem and the effect it has had on you! By the way, it got to me too, this poem precisely and I don't know why, I felt like that kid holding the door knob and waiting!!

-hugs back-
Love you:)))))

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

love you toooooooooo

Keep your WORDS coming :D

Solidad said...

Will do sweets:)))

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