April 09, 2010

Mr. Right

How do we know that ‘someone’ is Mr. Right? How do we recognize the ‘click’ that is supposed to occur when the one of us comes across this Mr. Right?

I always ask myself such questions because I find it extremely puzzling; a mystery which I still haven’t managed to unravel completely. I know it is all about destiny and how each one of us is meant to be with someone who has been destined for us all along. I believe in this and I have no doubt about it whatsoever, but I need to understand it and recognize the symptoms, as I fancy calling it, that indicate that this 'anyone’ is the so-called Mr. Right! I need to know it in my heart and feel it totally, so I won’t have any doubts or uncertainties about the whole issue. Not knowing is frustrating!

My married friends always tell me that I should and would feel it if any of my suitors happened to be the one. In a number of cases, I did know that ‘Him’ and ‘Him’ and ‘Him’ were certainly not meant to be the one! I knew it instantly and my normal reaction was wanting to flee the place as soon as I could and never look back! I always found reasons and faults to say no! And I never regretted it in any of those times, with none of those suitors. I could not see myself stuck for eternity with any of them, and I know now that I was absolutely right about my intuition, for if I was meant to be the one for one of them, I would have ended up saying yes a long time ago!

Still, I always ask myself the same question, over and over again, how is it possibly plausible that I’d know someone is not Mr. Right, but I would always be doubtful whether someone is Mr. Right? How is this ever understandable or acceptable? How do I make myself grasp the logic or non-logic in it? Can somebody please tell me?!

Some say it is all about the heart; claiming it’d always tell you if the ‘One’ was in close proximity! But what if your heart never does know?! What if it just cannot know that and does not have that radar by which it would recognize the symptoms and signs and indications? What if you were always driven by sense and sensibility? What if your way of looking at it is simply by pinpointing the positives and negatives you see in the guy and weighing them against each other to know whether it is a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’?? Is that even credible or guaranteed to work all the time?


Okay, so I am sweet, romantic, emotional, dreamy, and full of hopes and expectations about my Mr. Right, but where do I go from here if my heart still refuses to give me the sign I am looking for to know and to believe in my story of ‘Happily ever After’?! Is there some kind of fault in it or what! I mean, for those of you who know, really what is it all about? A flutter of the heart or a mental click in the head?


If, despite all the uncertainty, a day would come when someone-anyone- comes along, and you think nothing has happened and no ‘click’ has occurred, but something God knows what stops you from saying NO every time you attempt to do so, does it mean anything at all?  

I am asking, so clearly I am the one who does not know!!


Gypsy-Heart said...
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Gypsy-Heart said...

p.s. your music taste is good, but hearing these songs right now, makes me cry more, yet i'm still listening. Argh!

Another-Penelope said...

well all I know if the person is mr right is how his background and lifestyle is like cause thats the most thing that could comfort us and to make sure that he's the one and of course involved with love, it's actually feeling comfortable and happy with that person and if u feel so then he's the one he's the mr. right

Faith said...

Ahhh you took the words right out of my mouth. I need to know too! :P

Gypsy-Heart said...

Sorry sweetie, I deleted that comment. Didnt want it published and share my sorrows with the universe. just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the post. x

Miss Dreamer said...


I am sorry if my songs make you sad! I know that some of thyem are just this melanchlic! I hope this sadness goes away soon sweetie.


I agree with you; all of the things you mentioned should make it easier for us women to make the choice, but it still remains diddicult to know; to totally know!


LOL, I always ask myself how I will know! But sadly I don't know!!

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

I don't know how to describe it, but it just happens! You become all flushed and your heart starts beating faster... Your mind tells you that "he" is the one...
It IS a "mystery"!!

After checking his background and everything, your mind will agrees with your heart or diagrees.

Madri... big gigantic "mystery"! ;)

Texan in UAE said...

You will know, trust me. Being a revert to Islam, it's pretty hard finding, "Mr. Right", but you do. Thank God him and my brother (brother is Muslim too) are best friends. I was Muslim 1 yr before I even laid eyes on my husband. But, when I sat with him and my brother and father (he had ask for my hand) everything felt was just right. You will know. I promise.

But, it's difficult here in the Middle East (gulf arabs) Cause, I know in my husbands family the woman see's the man, but they can't chat! and see if they like each other. With y'all does this happen? Interesting to find out.

Girls, it will happen and y'all will know. Trust me. (((((Hugs))))))

may Allah give all my sisters pious loving caring husbands ameen

Miss Dreamer said...


No worries sweetheart. I totally understand. I know it is tough and sometimes you just feel like you cannot share your sorrow with people!
(((Hugs sweetie)))


Yeah I know this is the biggest mystery ever!! I also know that we are supposed to know-somehow- but it is just so difficult! I hate not knowing anything wallah!


Well, I can tell you that indeed it is a bit different for us here, but times have changed so much! When it comes to us now, we are allowed to sit and talk and get to know a little about each other, in the presence of our families. This is now the right of both the man and the woman and it is very nartural that the one of them asks to sit and talk with her suitor.

I hope ehen my lucky day comes I get to feel it and KNOW!!


Gypsy-Heart said...

Miss Dreamer,thank you habibiti! (hugs)

- Yeah we are definitely allowed to get to know the men first,and your not forced to get married. The family will ask you, and you have the right to decline or get to know him.

Twizzle said...

Inshallah you will get to experience knowing when you meet "Mr.Right" :)

cocoamel said...

I think this uncertainty and confusion and frustration is part of the package of L-O-V-E..
.. but then again I wouldnt know actually cause I am part of the never married singles club =)

Miss Dreamer said...


I agree with you about the love package, but I still would not know myself because I have not met Mr. Right;P

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to know the answers to your questions :( ,I find it tooo hard and I can't begin to understand
when someone says it happend to him or her :( personally as much as I want to experience that, I'm
scared to death of it happening, because simply I believe that it is verrrry rare especially in our society :(
I've known so many people my age claiming that they found their Mr. Right , but they've been miserable
that they keep telling me to enjoy being on my own as much has I can, I am not sure I can handle 5% of
what I've seen and known << I know all of this is far from the main topic :D
but I do believe that what meant to be will happen in its own time, but when that time comes

Miss Dreamer said...


I am just as puzzled as you are when it comes to knwoing that someone is the one meant for you. It just does not feel right sometimes!! I hear a lot of stories about this subject, but I still cannot get around to understanding it all.

Puzzling eh?

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