April 05, 2010

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs, or 'Sa7ib el thil el 6aweel', how many of you still remember this amazing series with a wide smile on their face? I still do! And every time it comes to my mind, I get this fantastic feeling that spontaneously puts a big big smile on my lips. I was a huge fan of 'Daddy Long Legs' and I swear I would still watch it like I never did; if only they would show it again.

I cannot remember how old I was when I watched it the first time; probably at the primary school, but I can tell you my cousins, my brothers and I were all crazy about it. I remember how all of us would gather in the sitting room in my aunt's house, with that long and narrow corridor where they put the TV, and just have our eyes glued to the screen like we have never seen anything of the likes before. We would sit close to each other; well the place was so small, and the room would always look crammed with the whole bunch of us there, not wanting to move an inch or take so much as a breath. Oh my God, how I would do anything to have that only memory come back to me.

You know what the funny thing was? My aunt; at seeing us so taken with the story, would always comment that the whole show was not meant for kids, and that the storyline itself was not at all suitable for our age! Of course our normal reaction was to look the comment over and continue being mesmerized and spellbound by Daddy Long Legs!

Though this is now nothing but a beautiful memory of my amazing childhood days, I still feel as though it is not totally gone. It is locked somewhere inside my mind and heart; providing me with a unique sense of belonging and making me complete in a strange way! It is a symbol of pure innocence and peace to me; it reminds me of the anxiety-free times! Back then, we cared about nothing but having fun and watching TV all day and playing and having a blast simply by enjoying ourselves to the utmost.

I can tell you that we were completely taken with 'Daddy Long Legs'! Of course the love story in the show was all new to us; made us girls beam stupidly all the while! We were all tears when the final episode arrived! I was like: Oh My God they got married and will live happily ever after!

How beautiful those days and those memories were! I find myself remembering them constantly. Maybe I will get my wish, though, and one smart channel would miraculously broadcast this series again!

Another wish on my never ending list of wishes!

Here is a reminder of Daddy Long Logs; scenes from the show, with a beautiful song in the background that says it all.



Kitten said...

It used to be my favourite show when I was a kid. Simply captivating.

Interesting blog. Keep writing and I shall keep following.

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

awwwwwwwwww... brought tears to my eyes!! Memories!
Loved the show and I would watch it again and again.

I used to marvel on his height :P


Love the post and how nostalgic it is.

nosa said...

i love love love this!!

walah i still watch it :p
its avalible on utube.. the whole series..

when i was a kid i never recalled paying any attention to the love part n stuff.. or that she ws ditching sara's brother ( i think he was that ) it ws like frinds n all..
now that i understand ( offcourse i do im 25:p )
i ws like y is this even 4 kids!? to brain wash them since they could chew that ( hello look 4 a bf form now ) n bla bla bla bl love

ok fj2aa :p lol

good post dear :D
brought bk goood memoried!

Strawberry said...

You made me happy hahahah...
even my sisters loved it ...
I remember waiting every day to watch it with
my sisters we always laught ...

Thank you and take care...

See yaa...

Standy said...

LOOOL!! omg you brough back memories,, if they play it on tv i'd still watch it, i agree with nosa, i also never bothered about the love story, all i know that i LOVED IT,, and i think i missed the last 7alqa hehe..

i also love Sally =D

Texan in UAE said...

OooOOo I never seen this show. LOL It's amazing what kinda stuff brings back so many memories. (((((hugs)))))))

Gypsy-Heart said...

I don't remember :( Maybe its was before or after my time. I remember pink panther, and that really popular Manga cartoon that hit the Gulf like plaque. Nice post though!

Susu said...

This show was my favorite! I remember watching it when I was in college. It was so romantic. I wish I can watch it again. Thanks for the post, you brought back some good memories :)

Miss Dreamer said...


Thank you sweetie. Always be here and you;P


Yeah it brings along a lot of memories to me too! I just love it!!


You know, we had to pay attention to the love story back then because every adult made us do that simply because they kept saying that it was not for children to watch! LOL
My bro is downloading it for me now! Cannot wait to watch it:)


Exactly! Everybody loved it and was crazy about it;D


Sad you missed the last episode; was amazing:)


Maybe you can watch it now! It is available in Japanese and I am planning to see it again, yaaaaaaay!


LOl, pink panther I remember but not the other one;P


It was my favorite as well. And yeah it indeed was so romantic. Watch it again; it is available, my brother is downloading it for me.

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