March 31, 2010

You are mine


While writing this, I am listening to a song named “6ameny”; meaning assure me of your well being, or tell me you are alright, by the famous Kuwaiti singer Abdulla Al Ruwaished. It is a very beautiful romantic song, which also has its share of melancholy and a touch of nostalgia.

Well, for me the song is a link to a memory that goes back to around 4 or 5 years. At the time, I coincidentally came across a novel whose writer used to publish chapters from on a regular basis, in a Saudi Forum. The author is a Saudi doctor by the name of Mona Al Marshood. The novel itself is called ‘Anta Li”, this is translated as ‘You are mine’. For anyone who feels interested in reading it, I won’t reveal any details about it so as not to spoil the thrill of reading it without knowing anything about it.

I cannot say what really drew me to it back then, but I seriously became so hooked to it to the extent that I spent continuous hours just reading chapters and chapters without so much as a break! I was literally glued to the screen and caught in a spill that did not free me until I was done with reading all the chapters she published online. However, after reaching chapter 43, she made an announcement that she would stop publishing online until she gets the whole thing printed on paper, due to the unpleasant fact that her story was stolen and published in different forums with other names! So to preserve her rights, she wanted to have it printed so the truth would remain that she was the real author. You can imagine how upset we got! Her readers were like thousands from all over the world and no one had the patience to wait. Our wait dragged for months, and the months became a year or two! At a certain point, I stopped waiting and decided to give up on the whole thing.

As the time went by, I heard that the whole thing was finally published! People had to register in order to get a copy of the book from Saudi Arabia, particularly at the official signing of the book. I could not get my copy because I was late and they ran out of copies. I asked one of my Saudi friends to go the bookshop that sold the book and get me one, but they had none! I was desperate, and got really upset knowing I would not be able to finish reading the thing! However, some of those who did get the book scanned the remaining chapters and put them online for the rest of us to read! So, I did finally finish it:) I loved it, really loved it.

Anyways, back to the song I am listening to at the moment, when I first started reading the story, I had this same song playing, and I don’t know why, but it was just the perfect song at the time to make me get into the story deep; real deep. I put it on the repeat mode, and I did not even get sick of listening to it over and over again. Of course I cried like a baby throughout the read, and the song contributed to that.

Now, I cannot listen to it without remembering those days, and the story, and all the details, and the feelings it evoked in me back then. I can literally close my eyes and relive it all, moment by moment. It is amazing how we can always link a particular song or melody to a particular incident. We can always go back in time merely by listening to it again.

This memory, and this song, always makes me smile, despite the sense of sadness it beholds. I am the kind of person who has a connection with certain kinds of songs, each of which means something different to me. The biggest sentimental, I know! LOL.

For those of you interested in listening to it or watching the clip, here it is! Enjoy:)


Texan in UAE said...

I can't understand Arabic, so I can't understand this song. I feel the same way you feel when you hear a certain song. Songs always bring back the memories you had when you listened to it, at the time. Nice post. I am sure the book you read was in Arabic?


Dr. N said...

I had this addiction to a Saudi novel as well. It was called "Saudiat" = Saudian Ladies. I was running page after page and finished in no time. I actually started to like the Saudian authers and literature. I will make sure to look for the one that you read and will appreciate any advice on good novels to read also.
Have a wonderful day :)

Gypsy-Heart said...

I know of the book. Thanks for the song, not really into him but the lyrics are beautiful.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

You are definetly not the only one, i have songs that remind me of special things aswell,its why i love those kind of songs, that make you smile and remember the good times, the story sounds lovely,inshallah im going to look for it, its in arabic right?, Im such a romantic and love the title, I love the song you posted aswell :)

Miss Dreamer said...


Oh sweetie I will be sure to translate the song to you so you could enjoy it as much as I do. Songs are beautiful and they do hook us to a certain memory most of the time. Yeah yeah the book is in Arabic. Was really enjoyable.



I agree with you, Saudi novels are getting much more excited and readable nowadays. I am still picky as to my choice of book;P Look for this one though, you will love it, it is amazing. I will think of some titles and let you know as soon as I can:))


I am not a fan of him as a singer but I like some of his songs.


Yeah songs do bring a lot of memories most of the time. The boos is in Arabic, yeah. Look for it;)

Salam sis

Wafa' said...

i have the same feelings of nostalgia when hearing certain songs. 6amny is one of the most beautiful songs.

But what about the book? is it romantic or what ?
I love reading but not much interested in rmantic novels so tell us the main idea of the whole book , shall you ?

Standy said...

its been a long time since i read stories online,,,lol, i rememebr those days..

my friend was glued to the screen reading Qamar o Khalid (i think that is the name of the story).. for hours and hours,, she didnt even move lool

Ali said...

Yeah agreed, there are many songs that really can take you back to a certain memory with almost every detail to it. And I think it is hard to think of someone who doesn't approve of this phenomenon

Miss Dreamer said...


Yeah sweetie the book is romantic. It has its share of drama as well, but still it is more of a romantic book than anything else. It is very nice though. Maybe it will change your mind about romantic books;P


Yeah I read Qumar Khalid and I became as addicted to it as your friend! I fantasized about it all the time and could not get it out of my mind for a very long time! LOL

Miss Dreamer said...

Ahem ahem, my brother is here! A big salute everybody;P
Yeah Ali I know that. You are just like me lol.

Come often big bro;D

Love you

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

First, I do think we all relate to this, eh?? :) Though I really don't listen to songs anymore, I do remember having such connection! Mine was with "AbdulKareem AbdulQader", "Sarah McLachlan", "Metallica", "INXS", "Bon Jovi", "matchbox 20"... and more and more... Tears of joy or sadness have always accompanied me.

Second, you made me drool over a book!!! I always drool over foooooooooooood... this time it's over a book!! Not all that shocking but I rarely have such reaction :P

And finally, Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... where have you BEEN?!?!?!? hehehe

Miss Dreamer said...


Of course we all relate sweetie. Songs have a magical way of making us feel certain things and remember certain memories and moments.

Oh My God! So finally you are drooling over an Arabic book, besides that other one ....., ahem you know what I mean LOL

EEEEEEEE Ali is here. Yaaaaaaaay!! LOL

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