March 23, 2010

Love You,, Love Life


Today, I woke up feeling extra fresh, and extra happy! I know that we are supposed to frequently-if not always-have that touch of hope and willingness to love life just the way it is, because it feels right to be hopeful and optimistic, but we are humans after all, and it is perfectly normal to usually not be over the moon! We all have our ups and downs, for this reason, I stopped asking myself why I am not feeling good about myself and about everything at certain times! Anyways, back to the point, I woke up all happy and smiling today; don’t ask me why though;P 

It just happened! No reason at all. So, I made myself a steaming cup of coffee, and boy it felt unusually good. Well, I guess it had something to do with my buoyant self!

So, all through the day, I kept smiling almost to everybody at work, and felt extremely exuberant that I just could not let myself get frustrated over anything or let any silly incident ruin my contagiously pleasant mood. I almost felt like telling everybody that they should wipe the frown off their faces and put on a smile, no matter how small a smile it is! I know that one little smile could make all the difference in someone’s life. For all you know, it could light up the world for someone who has been waiting-forever- just to see that smile brighten your face, and brighten his/her day just as much.

We usually spend our days sulking over trivial things, and waste our time dwelling on the past; forgetting that the future is ahead of us, waiting for us to open our eyes wide enough to see it, and stretch our arms to embrace a promise only tomorrow could hold for us. I know that I sometimes forget to enjoy life as much as I should, but along the way I have learned that every moment we waste is gone forever, unless we learn to seize it  before it flees, before it is too late even for regret! Even getting crazy at times and doing the unusual things; things we have never thought we could do, has its own beauty and makes you feel unusually ecstatic!  

Believe me, love is the most powerful of all sentiments! It has the power to change you, change the people around you and change the whole world even! Love is magical in its effect and outcome, so it is worthless to waste our time hating and resenting this or that, him and her!
Love is extraordinarily healing, believe me. It is a blessing and a gift from God. So, just love your life, love people, but most importantly love who you are, because loving yourself is definitely the first step towards loving others and learning to love and live life to the fullest. 

I love you all… 


Wafa' said...

what a refreshing post :)

We can not see the happiness of life and its great moment unless we have those dark times. But if we have no dark times, then let's thank god for that . and if we have nothing but continuous difficult times, then let's look for what you say here, look for the future, for the good to come.

Thanx for reminding us dear and love you, too :)

Texan in UAE said...

You made me smile from ear to ear. Gorgeous post. Masha'a'Allah. I love that you have the ability to always make me smile. I'm very blessed to have found a sister like you. Blessed to have you in my life. Keep the GREAT posts coming. They always make me happy. (((hugs)))

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

we love you too babes :**

Here's something to add:
Live life
Laugh lots
Love forever :D

See you soon ;)

Gypsy-Heart said...

Love the positive message, thanks habibti.

Miss Dreamer said...


I totally agree with you! Sometimes it takes u this much of hurt to realize the true worth of enjoying life to the utmost!


You know, when I started this blogging thing, I did not expect to be love it so much, and I did not know I would have the ability to make someone smile and happy and enjoying their time reading my blog! Now that you are telling me I managed to draw a smile on your face-a wide smile- this is really so overwhleming that I feel like crying!
It is me who is really blessed to have you in my life my sweet sister.

Love you


Your addition is as valuable as you sweetheart. Of course I will see you soon;D

Love you


Glad you loved my post sweets.
Come back all the time;P

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

MashaAllah those days when you feel extra good and happy and like nothing can get your mood down feel wonderful don't they?? And you know what else? People can see it too! You can see a person glowing with their happiness sometimes and its beautiful MshaAllah :)

Life does have many ups and downs and I am currently trying to get over something that brought me way down--don't get me wrong, I am happy, just every now and then when I think about what happened, the resentment comes in and I need to try to lose this so I don't think about it anymore.

You post was very uplifting sister and thank you for it... it lifted my spirits :D

Miss Dreamer said...

Wa Alaikum Al Salam sis,

You are right, sometimes we just cannot help but give in to our depression and let sadness wash over us. It happens all the time.

I hope you are feeling better now sweets:)))

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