March 02, 2010

Moments of Grief

Yesterday, my cousin’s husband passed away; he has been sick for some time, yet his death came as a surprise to as all, something we could not bring ourselves to believe! I cannot say we did not expect it, as his condition deteriorated rapidly the past few days, but the loss was devastating in its painful effect on all of us.

It is Allah’s will and that is something we should accept and learn to deal with, that I know, but I cannot help but remember him, the way he always approached with that noticeably lovable and attractive aura of his, and the smile we all knew by heart. He was such a pure hearted man that every single person who knew him loved him instantly, unconditionally!

Seeing my cousin now; tearful, broken and lost without him, makes me want to run away so I would not see that haunted look in the depth of her eyes! I can see how scary and bleak her life already is without him, and how much of an overwhelming responsibility raising her still young two boys would definitely be, yet I know that we can do nothing but be with her, support her and console her as much as we can.

Losing that wonderful and rare man is a great and terrible loss indeed, but I pray for Allah to grant my dear cousin the patience and strength of heart and faith to go on with her life and raise her kids just as wonderfully as she always has.

We are all here for you Fatima and will always be. Remember how much we love you.. Remember that you are never alone with us around you.

May Allah grant Jaffar’s soul peace and have mercy on him. To Allah we belong, and to Him we shall return.


Texan Teen said...

Oh no, subhanaAllah sister this is so sad :( I made duaa for him the other day, I thought I had posted a comment on your other post.

May Allah forgive him for all his sins and grant him Jannah! May Allah help his family and most of all his wife and kids through this. ameen
I'm at lost for words. InshaAllah he and his family will be reunited in Jannah!

Texan in UAE said...

:(( You have me crying. Subhana'Allah...

nna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon.

Your sweet dear Fatoom. I'm sorry for her. I'm sorry for his parents. :(( subhana'Allah... I'm sorry for his family. may Allah give him jannah and forgive his sins ameen

((((((((((((((((((((( big big hugs )))))))))))))

email me, sis.. leave me a comment with your email, on my blog.

OmAbdullah said...

Oh I'm so very sorry to hear about this loss :( loosing a loved one is so painful for us all. May Allah help her!

Miss Dreamer said...


Thank you so much for all this support, it means a lot to me really. I apologize for making you cry though;(

Ameen to all your prayers sweetheart.

Big hug sweetie

Bliss said...

My aunts husband passed away 2 days ago. I totally know how it feels and i'm so sorry for your loss..

الله يرحمهم ويغفرلهم ويدخلهم فسيح جناتــــه

Maram said...

Zainab, I am so sorry for your loss dear :(
الله يرحمه ويغفر له و يصبر أهله يارب

Bluetiful Nostalgia said...

عظم الله اجركم حبيبتي

Miss Dreamer said...

Om Abdullah, Bliss, Maram and Bluetiful

Thank you for your prayers and for this kindness and support. Love you all.

Thankful beyond words.

Miss Dreamer said...


My condolences and I am very sorry for your loss.
May Allah grant your aunt patience and strength.

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

I was sent to your blog by my best friend Texan in UAE

inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oun.

I am so sorry for your cousin's loss. I cannot imagine the pain she is going through and may Allah keep her strong and her family strong to support her through this difficult time.

May Allah forgive his sins, reward his good deeds and grant him jannah inshallah.

Miss Dreamer said...

Thank you so much Twizzle. You are so very kind.
I pray for Allah to be with my cousin and grant her patience and strength of will.

Thank you:)

Faith said...

7bebti that was really sad I’m so sorry for your loss
عظم الله اجركم
الله يرحمه و يسكنه فسيح جناته و يصبر زوجته و اهله يا رب

Miss Dreamer said...

Hi Faith,

Thank you sweetie. Ameen to your prayers.

Big hug

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